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The Oracle Report Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Crescent Moon Phase: expand, grow, challenges, questions

Moon: Capricorn

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala

11/5/2013 AUDIO UPDATE – Kamala


Today’s energy calls for inner contemplation and outer observance. This is somewhat like engaging our finely-honed skill of being like a wise owl in a tree. But we don’t need to be in a tree; we can blend right in where we are, like Nyx, reader VJ’s hauntingly beautiful cat pictured here today. In this energy, people will be wrapped up in their own worlds and not observant of the layer of spirit – the consciousness of Gaia Sophia – that permeates all the time. But we are going to change that.

Because people’s attention is focused so heavily on themselves today, conflict arises when others feel they are being ignored, neglected, or unacknowledged. The key today is not just inner contemplation but also outer observance. It’s a skill of balance. It’s a worthy use of energy because it leads towisdom.

We always want to be very tuned in to the natural world, on watch for unusual sightings and examples of sheer beauty, but today communication is enhanced. The Wisdom Goddess speaks to us when we observe and contemplate. The mental state of simultaneous observation and contemplation is one of the places where she interacts with us. We can tap right in anytime, but it is enhanced when we aware of and connected to our habitat.

Conflicts also ensure today because cooperation with others is exactly what’s needed, but the dominant energy inclines toward preoccupation with self. So in order to re-print or re-code the day’s energy, we need to include others, ask for help, consider how others can contribute, and share. This is challenging for three primary reasons: the Moon will make the exact opposition with the Black Moon today, bringing up our personal core fear held in our shadow side; Mercury is retrograde, mixing up communications; and we are in the Crescent phase of the Moon, the most challenging of the phases. But we are not deterred. We recognize that the “field of consciousness” is stacked this way and we work with it, ever-mindful of our mission to re-imprint the predominant energy.

The past may come back in some strong way today. If this troubles you, maintain outer observance and inner contemplation. Ground yourself in the present moment and remember that the past is over. We can do things a different way.

Let’s engage the day!


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