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The manuscript of survival – part 368

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For many of us who have been waiting so long for this, it is more a return to “normal” than really new or frightening in any way. Like coming home after a long visit with crotchety relatives-you love them but oh so uncomfortable! 🙂
As always, Thank you Aisha and the cc’s. It is so helpful to have your calm clear perceptions to light the way when day to day experience is anything but calm or clear so often!

aisha north

The quickening has begun in earnest, and as of today, many of you will feel as if you are being hurled forward at an ever increasing rate. As usual, this  change in tempo may bring with it its challenges, and it can be more than difficult to keep the focus as everything around you seem to become more and more blurred. And there is a good reason for this blurring, as it will indeed signal a shift in perception for many of you. For what once was in focus, will seem to become out of focus, and another layer, seemingly suspended between you, the observer, and what you so far have perceived as reality, will begin to emerge. And with it, so much of the old will fall away and loose the power it once had over you, and other, more insubstantial ones will step in to take its place.

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