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Truthout Daily Digest November 10, 2013


The Buzzflash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Aid Efforts Begin After Typhoon Haiyan Kills 10,000 in Philippines

Read the Article at The Guardian

Wage Theft Outstrips Bank, Gas Station and Convenience Store Robberies

Read the Article at Daily Kos

Train Carrying 2.7 Million Gallons of Crude Oil Explodes, Spills Into Alabama Wetlands

Read the Article at the Los Angeles Times

The Terrorism That Torture Didn’t Stop

Read the Article at The Nation

Why ALEC’s Attacks on Renewable Energy Failed Nationwide

Read the Article at EcoWatch

Obama’s Portable Zone of Secrecy (Some Assembly Required)

Read the Article at The New York Times

GOP Did Contribute to Obamacare, Study Finds – Turns Out They Wrote a Large Portion

Read the Article at Addicting Info

The Original “Occupy”: Novel Was Written 100 Years Before Zuccotti Park

John de Graaf, Truthout: Affluenzaauthor John de Graaf investigates the origins of the slogan “Bread and Roses” and discovers a little-known American classic and a history that should repeat itself.

Read the Article

Capitalism and the Destruction of Life on Earth: Six Theses on Saving the Humans

Richard Smith, Truthout: Why are we, as a species, marching to disaster? Why can’t we slam on the brakes before we ride off the cliff to collapse? The problem is rooted in the requirements of capitalist reproduction, that large corporations are destroying life on Earth.

Read the Article

Will the Tea Party Pay for the Shutdown?

Amy B. Dean, Truthout: Analyst Steve Cobble explains how the Democratic Party’s failure to seriously challenge Wall Street could allow the Tea Party to hold on to the populist mantle.

Read the Article

Guns but No Butter

John LaForge, Consortium News: The Right’s war on the poor rages on, driven in part by the belief that racial and ethnic minorities are getting much of the help. Yet, as food stamps are slashed, Congress lavishes money on military projects that are judged wasteful or useless.

Read the Article

Seven Things Veterans Need More Than a Holiday

Kevin Mathews, Care2: If the US were really committed to its troops after they complete their tours of duty, why are veterans facing so many hardships back at home?

Read the Article

Truthout TV Interviews Rania Khalek About Privilege in Israel, the NSA and Drones

Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: Rania Khalek discusses the culture of privilege in Israel; the way communities of color have often been at the forefront of surveillance efforts by the government; and the first drone victims to ever address Congress.

Watch the Video

Four Signs That Regular Folks Can Still Win (and One That Shows the Power of Money)

Sarah van Gelder, Yes! Magazine: Here are four cases in Tuesday’s election where people power won out over corporate interests. And one that went the other way.

Read the Article

US a Favorite Roost of Vulture Funds

Carey L. Biron, Inter Press Service: Countries that have gone through severe external debt crisis may have been saved the severe shocks to their economies and austerity restructuring if reasonable principles were in place.

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Japanese Prime Minister and President Obama Want Japan to Be Able to Wage War

Ann Wright, War Is a Crime: After the end of World War II, the Japanese constitution rejected war as a solution for conflict. Now the US wants Japan to “modify” Article 9 of its constitution and end its renunciation of war.

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This week in SpeakOut:

John Morlino discusses how his recent health crisis has impacted his “decades-long quest to fully understand the meaning of compassion”; Stafford Smith takes a look at what future historians might think of our current political state – constantly on the brink of economic disaster; Jack A. Smith tells the story of Vietnamese Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap, who helped defeat Japan, then France, then the United States in a 35-year war for national independence; Les Adler writes about how Big Oil pushed for the “peaceful” use of atomic energy to harvest oil in the tar sands; freelance writer and activist Ergoat gives a critical “autopsy” to the supposedly dead Occupy movement; and more.

Read the Article

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North Point Astrology Journal November 11 to 17, 2013 By Pam Younghans

greg syverson photography a video img 0545 1384067707 lg

greg syverson photography a video img 0545 1384067707 lg

Today’s photo: Auroras seen from Wasilla, Alaska, on November 9, 2013(photo by Greg Syverson Photography & Video, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

IN KEEPING WITH the themes of last Sunday’s Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, this past week has brought many issues to the surface that had been hidden from our awareness until now. Scorpio represents a shamanic journey into the night and the darkness, with the purpose of revealing a treasure and a light that is needed in our lives.
Of course, with Saturn conjunct the Solar Eclipse, much of that journey may have brought with it a heaviness or increased sense of responsibility, a feeling of fate, or an awareness that something is coming to an end. It may also have uncovered latent fears or other uncomfortable emotions that have yet to be transmuted.
This eclipse has opened a door of opportunity for us to come to terms with the shadows and bring them into the light. This theme is in effect for the next six months in varying strength, and is especially tangible this week, as we follow the waxing Moon into fullness next Sunday.
PLUTO is the planetary “ruler” of Scorpio, and so is a strong conduit for transformational energies. This dwarf planet is adept at providing situations that reveal to us the patterns we need to release. Those revelations have been intensified through the Pluto-Uranus square, exact on November 1, and the Scorpio Eclipse on November 3.
This week, Venus steps into the energy field established by the Pluto-Uranus square. Our closest planetary neighbor will first square Uranus on Thursday, and then align with Pluto on Friday.
WITH THE URANUS aspect arriving first on our radar, we can “expect the unexpected” midweek, especially in those areas associated with Venus: relationships, personal values, self-worth, finances, and our needs for comfort, ease, and beauty in life.
Then, with the Pluto-Venus alignment in Capricorn on Friday, we can use Pluto’s laser vision to focus our higher intentions and powerful knowing of how to best act on the changes brought forward by Uranus. And, since Venus will be going retrograde in Capricorn, it is likely that the transitions that begin this week will be part of a process rather than an event.
Starting on December 21, Venus will backtrack until January 31, when she again will be close to Pluto. The two planets do not align exactly at that point, but their close proximity (separated by just a little more than one degree) indicates that many situations that arise this week may take until early February to resolve completely.
TO SOFTEN our journey this week, we have a lovely Sun-Jupiter trine on Tuesday, which should help lighten our load a bit. This is the reminder that we really are loved and supported, and that we can call on others to help us as we navigate change.
We also have Neptune coming to a standstill on Wednesday, ready to go forward after having been retrograde since June 7. We have been through a phase of contemplation and withdrawal in some area of our lives. If we have taken advantage of this time, we are potentially now more in touch with our spiritual and emotional core. From this place of stronger inner connection, as Neptune starts moving forward, we can also begin to move out into the world with a greater sense of wholeness and spiritual knowing.
OUR FULL MOON next Sunday is at dawn on the Pacific coast of the United States (7:15am PST). The Moon will be in late degrees of Taurus for this lunation, carrying the energy of grounding, inner peace, and stability in the midst of change.
This is an important Full Moon, since it is the time of greatest light in a lunar cycle that began with a Solar Eclipse. The greater intentions of that eclipse, shown in part by its location in our natal charts, is now coming to fruition. The deeper change represented by Scorpio is now ready to be integrated, acknowledged, and put to practical use.


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11-11-13 Portal Passage

Thank you Denise! So *this* is the real reason for all the negative fear based hype about 11-11 to 11-13! I could not figure out what the point was in all the brou-haha about this week and drills, power grid going down, new finance or new world order, big surprises and Event or lack of etc. Anything anything anything to distract and derail us! They seem to be getting very predictable in their manipulations which hopefully is a sign of their growing irrelevance-or perhaps our growing awareness?

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Sweet Potato Salads and Other Joyful Things

Thank you for all the useful links and info, the beautiful images of yummy looking food and the welcome dose of joyfulness;-) I too love it that there are so many beautiful and practical ways to conserve while also having fun.
Day by day we discover that the old fashioned frugality and practicality often turn out to also be part of the old fashioned grounded in the moment, laugh out loud and sing together happier and more contented way of life. I love it that we can share our discoveries and our joy across large distances like this as well:-)

Laura Bruno's Blog

Well, we still have power, and the irs.gov website still indicates its advanced warning of many pages’ inaccessibility due to “a power outage” from 4:00 p.m. November 9 – 7:00 a.m. November 12. Although some areas did go down yesterday, we’re still wired in today in Goshen. Who knows what’s up and when? According to an increasing number of folks, “It Is Not a Matter of If, but When the Lights Go Out.” Maybe so, maybe not. Meanwhile, I’m feeling mighty joyful due to some of the silliest and simplest things: sweet potatoes, flower pot heaters and coolers, and a brand new thermos, among other things.

Let’s start with the sweet potato salads, because they’re just pretty. And delicious. Here are two different batches I made recently — the first was last night (hummus, mixed greens, leftover sweet potato ‘fries’ and microgreens) and the next two photos were from a…

View original post 747 more words

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FUKUSHIMA: What’s it gonna take to WAKE PEOPLE UP?!

I have not watched this yet but based on Doreen’s comments about it, I want to share it before I forget. We have the power to cocreate a better future. There is no need to fear fukushima dai ichi or anything elde-but there is a need to make sure we are informed and pro-active in dealing with the nutjobs who are attempting to control humanity, poison the Earth and foreclose the future all for nothing but profit.

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Journal Entry 11.9.2013

Thank you for expressing so beautifully many things which until recently I guess many of us thought were “just me/us”. Despite obviously knowing where my physical skin ends and soil and sky begin, I have always had difficulty defining myself as separate from the land. Even inside anair conditioned house, mostly confined to a bed, my physical feelings and moods are profoundly affected and even directedby the state of the living beings around me- if the plants and trees are too dry I am inexplicably irritable, restless and uncomfortable-until I water or it rains.

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Common Dreams Sampler,  November 9, 2013

(Apologies for this post repeating-wordpress keeps erasing the content every time I post it:-/)

Democracy Trampled as Big Money Overwhelms Grassroots Campaigns
by Jon Queally
“On Tuesday, the power of big money campaigns funded by out-of-state corporate interests once again revealed itself by overwhelming grassroots campaigns trying to champion a local common good.”

This Transatlantic Trade Deal is a Full-Frontal Assault on Democracy
by George Monbiot
“Remember that referendum about whether we should create a single market with the United States? You know, the one that asked whether corporations should have the power to strike down our laws? No, I don’t either.”
‘Howard Zinn Read-In’ Celebrates Power of ‘Dangerous’ Education
by Andrea Germanos
“‘A People’s History’ is dangerous because it presents a perspective that ordinary people can change the world, which is the main secret that the richest 1% and their political advocates cannot allow young people to find out in an age where wealth inequality is destroying our society.”
Silent Soldiers, The Losers From Our Lost Wars
by Ann Jones
“Now, in Afghanistan as in Iraq, Washington scrambles to make the exit look less like a defeat — or worse, pointless waste. Most Americans no longer ask what the wars were for.”
Israel ‘Utterly Rejects’ Iran Nuclear Deal That Could Avoid War
by Jacob Chamberlain
“As international hopes rose around the possibility of successful talks on Iran’s nuclear program in Geneva on Friday, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a message for the world: No, no, no.”
How the Super-Rich Are Abandoning America
by Paul Buchheit
“There is ample evidence that this small group of takers is giving up on the country that made it possible for them to build huge fortunes.”
Record-breaking Greenhouse Gas Levels in Atmosphere: ‘Time is Not On Our Side’
by Lauren McCauley
“The amount of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in our atmosphere reached a record high in 2012, according to the WMO, continuing an upward and accelerating trend which, according to report authors, spells ‘devastating consequences’ for the future of the planet.”
Election 2013: A Grassroots Resurgence
by Amy Goodman
“The political chattering class is abuzz with Christie as the GOP’s great hope to retake the White House in 2016. But they miss a vital and growing undercurrent in U.S. politics: grass-roots movements at the local and state level that are challenging the establishment, and winning.”
Fukushima Trial Run Begins Dangerous Reactor 4 Clean-Up
by Jacob Chamberlain
“Preparations to begin the potentially catastrophic decommissioning of the crippled Reactor 4 at the Fukushima nuclear power plant begin this week with a test run.”
The Great Austerity Shell Game: Here’s How the Capitalist Scam Works
by Richard Wolff
“Politicians and economists impose austerity now much as doctors once stuck mustard plasters on the skins of the sick.”


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Truthout Daily Digest November 9, 2013

Amid Lingering Hunger Strike, Guantanamo Abuses Press On

Adam Hudson, Truthout: While the president professes his wish to close Guantanamo, rendition, indefinite detention and black sites continue to operate while prisoners’ plights are overshadowed by events like the government shutdown.

Read the Article

Congress Weighing Laws to Let People Keep Health Insurance

Renee Schoof, McClatchy Newspapers: As President Barack Obama signals he will do something on his own to make good on his broken promise that Americans could keep their insurance plans if they liked them, members of both parties in Congress are proposing to do it by law.

Read the Article

Between Two Worlds: An Author Returns to His Roots in Iran

By Jon Letman, Truthout: The author of the new memoir The Ministry of Guidance Invites You to Not Stay: An American Family in Iran talks about his book, claiming that while Iran is still “shrouded in darkness” to the West, “Iranians are prepared to turn the lights back on at a moment’s notice.”

Read the Article

The Scandal of Scandals

Paul R. Pillar, Consortium News: The term “scandal” used to mean something, a serious abuse of power or some truly outrageous conduct – Watergate, Iran-Contra, lying a nation into war – but the word has grown almost meaningless, just one more partisan insult.

Read the Article

On the News With Thom Hartmann: Policy Holders Sue Anthem Blue Cross for Intentionally Misleading Clients, and More

On today‘s On the News segment: Millions of insurance policies are being canceled across the nation and while blame shifts from Insurance companies to Obamacare, Americans still suffer; We have more prisons than schools in the US; For the second time in two decades, conservation groups have stopped uranium mining in the Grand Canyon; and More.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

South Korea: Ground Zero for Food Sovereignty and Community Resilience

Christine Ahn, Foreign Policy in Focus: South Korea may be better known for its high-tech exports, but its small farmers are leading the way when it comes to food sovereignty and community agriculture.

Read the Article

Bam. Bam. Bam. The Lostness of Man

Jason Flores Williams, Truthout: “The story of this life, this country, this world is a history of falsity masquerading as knowledge. We are muted explosions of failed and rejected prayers. Five thousand years of culture – a hungry child screaming on the kitchen floor banging pots and pans. Bam. Bam. Bam,” writes Williams about the current state of our failing society.

Read the Article

Attention Spans and Histories of Racial Violence

David Palumbo-Liu, Truthout: Taking a look that the films, The Butler andFruitvale Station Palumbo-Liu asks: “Can we really ‘feel’ history, particularly the history of racial violence, anymore?”

Read the Article

Breaking New Ground for Trans Children

Marcela Valente, Inter Press Service: While non-heterosexual orientation is punishable by death in some parts of the world, many South American countries and others are respecting the right to choose one’s gender identity from early childhood, giving rise to a new field of challenges.

Read the Article

Behind the Kitchen Door: Restaurant Workers’ Fight for Justice

Staff, Making Contact National Radio Project: Americans eat out more than any other people, but the workers who put food on our restaurant tables are struggling to feed themselves and their families. Saru Jayaraman, co-director of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United and author of Behind the Kitchen Door makes the case for bringing justice to restaurants and how ordinary diners can help.

Read the Article


The Buzzflash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Israeli leaders voice objections to Iran’s possible nuclear deal

Read the Article at The Washington Post

Former ’60 Minutes’ Producer: Discredited Benghazi Story Was Done To Appeal To Conservatives

Read the Article at Talking Points Memo

Democracy Trampled as Big Money Overwhelms Grassroots Campaigns

Read the Article at Common Dreams

SNAP Cuts Mean Millions Could Go Hungry

Read the Article at Moyers & Company

New Rules Improve Mental Health Access for Millions

Watch the Video at CBS News

Pentagon: Reports of Sexual Assaults Up 46 Percent

Read the Article at The Washington Post

California was Sterilizing its Female Prisoners as Late as 2010

Read the Article at The Guardian