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Common Dreams Sampler,  November 9, 2013

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Democracy Trampled as Big Money Overwhelms Grassroots Campaigns
by Jon Queally
“On Tuesday, the power of big money campaigns funded by out-of-state corporate interests once again revealed itself by overwhelming grassroots campaigns trying to champion a local common good.”

This Transatlantic Trade Deal is a Full-Frontal Assault on Democracy
by George Monbiot
“Remember that referendum about whether we should create a single market with the United States? You know, the one that asked whether corporations should have the power to strike down our laws? No, I don’t either.”
‘Howard Zinn Read-In’ Celebrates Power of ‘Dangerous’ Education
by Andrea Germanos
“‘A People’s History’ is dangerous because it presents a perspective that ordinary people can change the world, which is the main secret that the richest 1% and their political advocates cannot allow young people to find out in an age where wealth inequality is destroying our society.”
Silent Soldiers, The Losers From Our Lost Wars
by Ann Jones
“Now, in Afghanistan as in Iraq, Washington scrambles to make the exit look less like a defeat — or worse, pointless waste. Most Americans no longer ask what the wars were for.”
Israel ‘Utterly Rejects’ Iran Nuclear Deal That Could Avoid War
by Jacob Chamberlain
“As international hopes rose around the possibility of successful talks on Iran’s nuclear program in Geneva on Friday, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a message for the world: No, no, no.”
How the Super-Rich Are Abandoning America
by Paul Buchheit
“There is ample evidence that this small group of takers is giving up on the country that made it possible for them to build huge fortunes.”
Record-breaking Greenhouse Gas Levels in Atmosphere: ‘Time is Not On Our Side’
by Lauren McCauley
“The amount of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in our atmosphere reached a record high in 2012, according to the WMO, continuing an upward and accelerating trend which, according to report authors, spells ‘devastating consequences’ for the future of the planet.”
Election 2013: A Grassroots Resurgence
by Amy Goodman
“The political chattering class is abuzz with Christie as the GOP’s great hope to retake the White House in 2016. But they miss a vital and growing undercurrent in U.S. politics: grass-roots movements at the local and state level that are challenging the establishment, and winning.”
Fukushima Trial Run Begins Dangerous Reactor 4 Clean-Up
by Jacob Chamberlain
“Preparations to begin the potentially catastrophic decommissioning of the crippled Reactor 4 at the Fukushima nuclear power plant begin this week with a test run.”
The Great Austerity Shell Game: Here’s How the Capitalist Scam Works
by Richard Wolff
“Politicians and economists impose austerity now much as doctors once stuck mustard plasters on the skins of the sick.”


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