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“Goddess of Brazil” contest: black women shut out of the competition; all finalists blondes and brunettes

I had read that Brazil was a very sexist country. Now it appears they are even racist in their sexism-a particular variety of intersectionality thst actually gave me a headache trying to sort it out while reading this post. I have to say aside from the contestants nsmes the pictures looked like it could be competition for Miss Alabama-even the Miss Texas pageant has more curly hair and variety of skin tones. So looking forward to the day when all women are celebrated for all they are-rather than fish belly in scraps of fabric:-/

Black Brazil Today

Note from BW of Brazil:When you look up the term “muse”, which is “musa” in Portuguese, the following definitions appear: 1) a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. 2) In Greek and Roman mythology, each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences. The term “musa” is often used in Brazilian media sponsored contests in which various women compete for this title for whoever sponsors the event. As all eyes will be focused on Brazil as the countdown to the 2014 World Cup (which will be played in several cities all over the country) continues, what message does it send when all of the “musas” of one of the country’s top men’s magazines features all European looking women in a contest connected to the country’s top sport in anticipation…

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Quickening of energy systems via the 11-11 portal brings accelerated changes…

Thank you! I love all this good news:-)


gaia_energy1Quickening of energy systems via the 11-11 portal brings accelerated changes in the inner and so-called outer.

Increased levels of hu-man (hu-being) and Hue-Being participation have allowed expansion of portal breadth and depth.

Expected results include enhanced sensitivity to energetic changes by “hu-manity” class of beings, upgraded mission awareness by Hue-Manity, and highly accelerated consciousness upgrades in all Gaia groups.

Gaia Whole embraces this process, as it is leading rapidly to sufficient consciousness levels for Gaia Whole Ascension.

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[SCOTT MOWRY] The Realization of the Impossible Dream

Thank you for posting this. Very informative and inspiring. You are very right-it is V not Fawkes who inspired the use of that mask.

Bryan Hall's "Awakening Revolution"

Via Miracles & Inspiration (Hat Tip To Joy), With Love …

• 7,000 Years of Slavery On the Verge of Collapse

• Numerous signs pointing to November 2013 as potential start of major events

• Variety of possible dramatic scenarios about to unfold?

News | November 10, 2013

Reported by Scott Mowry | www.miraclesandinspiration.com/news_the-realization-of-the-impossible-dream.html

For more news stories see our News Archives

Have you ever wondered what freedom feels like? Not this phony, canned kind of freedom we have been sold in the so-called “free world” but real, true, honest-to-goodness freedom? Unlimited, boundless and without restraints. Without restrictions. Without any limitations whatsoever.

Free to do and be anything you wish so long as you cause no harm to another.

Can you even imagine what it would be like to experience freedom on that level?

Chances are we have no clue what real freedom is. We do not possess the…

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