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Think With Your Heart | The Radiant Ones: eMERGEnce

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The Radiant Ones: eMERGEnce


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Is it just me or was this Mercury retrograde the fastest one ever?

Give or take some occasional left-brain processing glitches, it almost felt like I didn’t skip a beat. Overall, and compared to the last two retrograde nightmares of 2013, this one actually felt fruitful (?) and even “forward” moving in some ways.

Maybe I have finally released my resistance to it, or maybe it is all this Scorpio magic keeping me entranced in the alchemy of our blossoming creative powers…or maybe, just maybe, the more we empty out our heads and “think with our hearts”, the less effect Mercury has on our (intellectual) minds?

Whatever it is, I am better for it and I hope you are too.

Physically, the past three weeks were a whole different story.8O The council mentioned in the last report that we were going to be provided with…ahem…a rigorouspathway to re-concile, re-claim, re-store, re-plenish, re-vitalize, and ultimately re-surrect as we embody the Christ template in union with our monadic Source. In my own words: !@#%

Add to that the u n p r e c e d e n t e d amount of recent solar activity, and it can definitely feel like we are being electrocuted daily…which, among other things, is affecting (read: upgrading) the rhythm of our body’s electrical system: changes in our heartbeat & breathing rhythm, (increased heart rate/pulse, palpitations, etc.) muscle twitches, erratic sleep & eating patterns, extreme body temperature fluctuations, swings from vitality to exhaustion, and the like.

Hopefully this intensity will soon subside (in time for the holidays would be ideal), but while the body tries to find its new rhythm, we still need to be patient and support ourselves thru these temporary imbalances. That said, and even with retrograde mostly behind us, we still have a big month on tap.

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The Radiant ONEs

The September equinox served as a definite demarcation point, the (energetic) “separation of worlds” that has released us from so much collective heaviness. As a result, we have been extensively expunging the memories of this heaviness from our physical cells so that we can embody more and more of our divinity, in preparation for our emergence.

The recent lunar and solar eclipses have also been aiding in our emergence, showing each of us the perfect balance required of our physical (male/female) energies so that we can “light up” and become what the PHC refer to as “the radiant ONEs”.

The way it was explained to me is that the lunar (feminine) and solar (masculine) eclipses are actually fortifying our ascension, which is ultimately enabling our spiritual descensioninto physical form. In other words, the ability to descend into physicality is triggered and made possible by the sacred merge…it is the access point, the signal to the soul that it is safe to enter, so to speak.

The council says that so much has been taking place both within and around our physical world (like relentless solar activity for example) to result in/support/reflect “the emergence of the radiant ONEs”…the most obvious symptom of which, of our “turning inside out”, is the undeniable (yet still-growing) certainty of our energetic self-containment…that which the PHC calls an outward manifestation of our inner-merging process.

This tiny yet increasing (God) spark of solar fire is the divine masculine-focused power of (physical) creation swelling within us…a sacred energy spawned from our merging monad that opens our access to the memory of Home, of God-sovereignty…that which translates into our unmistakable inner-authority that we are now able to more firmly tap into.

(On a physical level, all this solar energy can create radiating plexus pain, abdominal distention and/or distress, and the opening/clearing/fine tuning of the lower 3 physical-oriented chakras)

I am hearing that when this infusion of creator-God power completes itself…and I get the feeling this is intimately related to the sun’s magnetic field reversal…the first collective of awakened beings will apparently “light up and be heralded as the radiant ONEs”…the first soul group to represent wht the PHC calls “the physical proof of prophecy”

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The rest of this month and leading into 2014 feels massive in terms of revelation and transformation. There is so much we have yet to grasp, yet so much is becoming crystal(line) clear.

On a practical level, it doesn’t yet feel like a time to make or act on solid plans, per se, but we are definitely starting to see our new lives take shape in the physical, even as our bodies continue to squirm in the ache of mutation.

We are gaining a vivid sense of where we belong in the new world, and the first steps we need to create our part in it are coming into plain view. For now, we still need to remain flexible and to allow the unfoldment of all our potentials, before we choose a firm path.

Simultaneously, all unacknowledged aspects that remain in the way of our emergence will continue to rise to the surface to be seen and integrated into our being so that we can begin our new level life with a squeaky-clean slate.

I am hearing that toward the end of November our real forward movement since the lunar eclipse/equinox period will begin…but this time we will be moving forward with more of our whole selves in tact. As we do, as we begin to “light-up” individually and collectively, we will start to magnetize life-changing, heart-resonant opportunities that will lend to the co-creation of our new world. Breakthroughs will abound and physical change will continue to manifest for all those who are true.

There is a real sense of magic in the air…a deep excitement and bubbling anticipation of what’s to come. While I have little to no idea how, when, or what that will look like for any of us…I am really looking forward to discovering it with each and every one of you.

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