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D.L. Zeta Love and Purified Intentions help us Navigate Powerful Dimensional Shifts

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We’re in a period that feels like a cosmic roller coaster at times. This entire year has been about quantum change at both collective and personal levels and recent events such as the eclipse series and ongoing Pluto/Uranus square accelerated changes taking place. Powerful energies are shaking things up in an attempt to break free any lingering shackles of the old time so we can activate new and more empowered timelines. The challenges we encounter will be uniquely ours and they will be in areas of our lives we least want to confront. Our specific set of challenges shapes the passage before us as we move through dimensional shifts that allow us to experience timelines where our greatest gifts are realized. Old realities must unravel to make room for the new so we can expect some transition times ahead. As we thread our way through the ensuing times of uncertainty and chaos we may feel pushed and pulled in all directions and under intense pressure.

Creating new Realities based on the Frequency of Love

Self-love, forgiveness and a healthy dose of patience are essential during this time. As our awareness expands, we see ourselves more clearly than ever before. Front and center will be any past tendencies toward avoidance and scarcity thinking. Any way in which we have given into thought viruses and their fear-based world view will come onto the radar screen of our awareness. Anything we have created from fear-based intentions will begin to disintegrate and fall away.

This may seem a harsh passage for some but the energies of this period are helping us extricate ourselves from the tendrils of thought viruses and gain the spiritual freedom that allows us to find more solid footing in the new time. Although this can be an intense and exhausting period, it also has the transformative ability to bring us face to face with our shadow, providing us an opportunity to accept and reintegrate her. As we integrate light and dark we are able to move forward with a sense of wholeness and self-awareness that allows us to create conscious realities infused with the light of our heart center for the highest good of ourselves and others.

In the past, there was a tendency to create from our ego/mind which automatically programmed polarity into all our creations. Polarized creations cannot sustain the energy of love and wholeness and will always leave us struggling in lower-vibrational timelines.

Consciously creating realities allows us to step free of the cycle of struggle and suffering. There is no need to struggle and suffer. If your life feels more of a struggle than a blessing, you have not fully freed yourself from the enslaving influence of thought viruses. These fear-based thought forms are free-floating and keep us tethered to realities that drain our life force energy and leave us feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Raise your Vibrational Frequency to Navigate this Time

The best way to navigate this time of change is to love and nurture ourselves and purify our intentions. Self-love is especially important. Make sure you’re taking care of your body; get lots of rest during this time. Make time each day to exercise and spend time in nature. Raise your vibrational frequency with green foods to alkalinize your physical system and make time each day to sit in meditation and silence. If you feel under pressure – if you’re feeling pushed to the max by the energies – go within and ask for guidance and healing insights. Ask the universe to bring what you need and make sure you open to receive it. Now is the time to reach for love and healing and allow it to flow into your life. Open to receive love and see it flowing to all the parts of yourself that have been starved for love. Anytime you feel isolated and alone, give to others the love and understanding you’re seeking and you will find all that you need.

Purifying intentions is also important at this time. Examine your intentions to make sure you’re seeking the highest and best for yourself and others. If you’re creating from old, fear-based intentions of scarcity and avoidance, this will not serve you well.

Whatever it is you’re seeking from the universe, examine your intentions to make sure they are coming from a place of love instead of ego and fear-based desires. Transform intentions by allowing yourself to see how what you’re asking for benefits yourself and all others. For instance, if you’re seeking to heal and improve your life, see how being healthy and whole will allow you to become a brighter light for all others.

Fear-Based Scenarios are falling by the Wayside

Anything in your life that has been operating on autopilot will come under pressure during this time. Relationships and careers may end. Any situation you entered from a place of fear will fall by the wayside. Accepting this spiritual understanding will provide an underpinning for the new life you will build. Whatever we create from fear-based intentions will forever be colored by the intentions with which they were created. If you entered a relationship because you fear more than anything else being alone, that relationship will always carry the energy and experience of fear and sooner or later you will be more alone than ever before. If you remained in a career that didn’t feed your soul because you were afraid more than anything of experiencing a lack of security, sooner or later that career will end and you will exist in a state of scarcity more so than in the past.

If people and situations are leaving your life, ask yourself if these relationships and situations were created from a place of love or a place of fear. If they were created from a place of fear, release them and move forward to create your new life from a place of love.

Allow Yourself to Exist in the Void

Do not rush out and seek to fill the sudden void in your life but instead, learn to exist within the void while focusing on self-love and healing. When you’re strong within yourself and able to exist on the frequency of love, it will be time to create anew.

Love is the highest vibration in the universe. Whenever fearful scenarios dance onto the movie screen of your mind, surround them with the healing light of love and feel a shift take place inside you. When you create from a place of love, everything you create carries you deeper into the heart of love. When you create from fear, everything you create carries you deeper into fear-based realities. When you allow yourself to exist in a place of love, you always have all you need and plenty left over to share with others. Thought viruses cannot get their hooks into you.

Activating New and More Spiritually-Aligned Timelines

When you’re ready to create again, ask for a vision of potential timeline threads to be downloaded into your consciousness. When you have a clear vision of the timeline that resonates most strongly, you are ready to begin energizing it with your focus and attention.

If your conscious mind resists receiving divine assistance, ask for love and healing to be downloaded in your dream states. When your conscious mind is asleep your subconscious remains awake and is able to act on your intentions. At night just before falling asleep, set your intentions to receive in dream states the love and healing you need.

Choosing and Aligning with a New Timeline

Many reality threads exist as potentials within your life hologram. When you perceive a new potential, it’s a real timeline that already exists energetically. As you begin tuning into this reality thread, you merge the energies of your present moment with it. When the timing is right and sufficient resonance is reached, you will be transported to this reality thread.

Daily go into your meditative space and allow yourself to tune into this new timeline, each time filling in a few more details of what your life is like there and all the opportunities waiting there for you. Feel the emotions and energy of this timeline. Refrain from judging where you are now and where you have been. These have helped you become who you are now and who you are becoming.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation
For more on accessing the fifth dimension, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

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Truthout Daily Digest November 14, 2013

William Rivers Pitt | Please Don’t Take the “2016” Bait

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The NVisible: Solara & the 11:11





‘A MU’A: To go forward into your True Direction…..Rapa Nui language

If we are already traveling on a clear trajectory into our New Landscape, we will surge forward on a Fast Track in November, experiencing numerous breakthroughs. This will be especially true after Mercury goes direct on November 10th when we enter Full Zoom Mode.

Part of Moving Forward is the jettisoning of all the elements that we can’t take with us. The ‘A Mu’a In Motion is very supportive of helping us release any limiting behaviors and expired elements in our lives. If we are still being untrue to ourself or others, then the pressure will build up to intolerable levels until we finally have to let go and make a shift. Some people will even experience a dramatic flipping over of outdated perceptions…

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FUKUSHIMA Radiation: Neutralize, Remove, Repair Your Body

Thank you Doreen! It is so important for us to be calm and practical instead of running around hair on fire in fear of Fukushima. Especially if you live in America where for the last 40 years or more we have already had widespread massive irradiation. Dowmeind of Hanford or anywhere near the bomb testing or our many leaky nuke plants we have already been exposed in m any cases as if we lived nearby Chernobyl or Fukushima. They call it background radiation and there are no evacuations-its been good business for certain industries and that has long been the American standard. The upside is, we already know what it’s like to live with lots of radiation-we just didn’t get a ton of info or fear to go with it in the past:-)
Miso soup is very helpful. Also just recognizing that we are all made of light and maintaining a positive outlook can make a big difference.
I just hope Fukushima makes enough of an impression that Americans decide to clean up things here like the insane mess in four corners region.
(Mile long pile of uranium tailings next to the only water source-so far that’s been considered A-okay because the people who have no choice but to drink that water are Native Americans. )

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Taiaiake Alfred returns to Indigenous Waves to discuss Idle No More, Wasase, Indigenous Nationhood and more

Thank you!

Taiaiake Alfred joined Indigenous Waves this week to share his thoughts on the politics of Idle No More, and how critical reclaiming land, language, tradition and sovereignty is to sustaining the movement.

Taiaiake Alfred is Bear Clan, Kanien’keha:ka from Kahnawake and is a Professor in Indigenous Governance at the University of Victoria, a researcher, philosopher and author. Some of his publications include Wasase (Broadview, 2005), Peace, Power, Righteousness: An Indigenous Manifesto (Oxford University Press 1999) and Heeding the Voices of Our Ancestors: Kahnawake Mohawk Politics and the Rise of Native Nationalism (Oxford University Press 1995)

Track Listing:

Alo WhiteTraditional Round dance as taught by Roy McDonald

Just Jamaal f. Lena RecolletWhat it’s All About

Originally Aired Monday February 25, 2013

Photo Credits: Feature Photo Taiaiake Alfred

Above Photo Kaya DaCosta

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