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FUKUSHIMA Radiation: Neutralize, Remove, Repair Your Body

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Thank you Doreen! It is so important for us to be calm and practical instead of running around hair on fire in fear of Fukushima. Especially if you live in America where for the last 40 years or more we have already had widespread massive irradiation. Dowmeind of Hanford or anywhere near the bomb testing or our many leaky nuke plants we have already been exposed in m any cases as if we lived nearby Chernobyl or Fukushima. They call it background radiation and there are no evacuations-its been good business for certain industries and that has long been the American standard. The upside is, we already know what it’s like to live with lots of radiation-we just didn’t get a ton of info or fear to go with it in the past:-)
Miso soup is very helpful. Also just recognizing that we are all made of light and maintaining a positive outlook can make a big difference.
I just hope Fukushima makes enough of an impression that Americans decide to clean up things here like the insane mess in four corners region.
(Mile long pile of uranium tailings next to the only water source-so far that’s been considered A-okay because the people who have no choice but to drink that water are Native Americans. )

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