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Truthout Daily Digest November 14, 2013

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William Rivers Pitt | Please Don’t Take the “2016” Bait

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: Midterm elections are, by orders of magnitude, more important than presidential elections on every meaningful level. And when they get ignored, we get the kind of Congressional disaster zone we currently endure.

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How One State Protects Taxpayers From Privatization Pitfalls

Ellen Dannin, Truthout: A Massachusetts law requires that the costs that are normally hidden when public services are privatized be revealed when analyzing every new contract bid.

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Greg Palast | Rand Paul’s Zombie-nomics Versus Janet Yellen

Greg Palast, Truthout: Will Sen. Rand Paul, misunderstanding the voices of the undead, block the appointment of Janet Yellen to head the Federal Reserve?

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Paul Krugman | Alan Greenspan, Doing His Best to Make Things Worse

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: Alan Greenspan isn’t just being a bad economist; he’s being a bad person, refusing to accept responsibility for his errors in and out of office. And he’s still out there, doing his best to make the world a worse place.

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Health Care in the US as Seen From Down Under: “Mens Sana in Insanus Patriae”

Niall McLaren, Truthout: Australia’s national health service, Medicare, treats health care as a human right for all, including illegal immigrants – and it costs less and delivers better outcomes than US health care.

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GMOs for Profit: The Missing Context of Industrial Agriculture

Curt Ries, Truthout: It is not what GMOs are that should demand so much attention but, rather, what they do: They lead to corporate control over the food system.

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A Trail of Tears: How Veterans Return From America’s Wars

Ann Jones, TomDispatch: In this excerpt, Ann Jones reports on the hidden reverberations of our distant wars – from what goes on unseen behind hospital doors to the long, private struggles that occur anonymously in suburban neighborhoods and rehabilitation centers across the United States.

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: The IRS Can Go After People Who Stash Fortunes Overseas, and More

In today‘s On the News segment: The Southern District Court of New York says the IRS can go after people who stash fortunes overseas; Japanese officials want to lower the cost of decontaminating the area around Fukushima by changing the way the nuclear radiation will be measured; the Rolling Jubilee has eliminated nearly $15 million of American debt; and more.

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Public Citizen Report Reveals Dents, Holes in Keystone XL Southern Half Weeks Before Planned Startup

Steve Horn, DeSmogBlog: A chilling report reveals that the 485-mile Keystone XL southern line is plagued by dents, faulty welding, exterior damage that was patched up poorly and misshapen bends, among other troubling anomalies.

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The Invisible Refugees – Internally Displaced People

Andrew Lam, New America Media: There is a growing population of refugees that often goes without international support, a subgroup of people whose basic needs are rarely addressed by the global community: the internally displaced.

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Chris Hedges: Jeremy Hammond Exposed State’s Plan to Criminalize Democratic Dissent

Paul Jay, The Real News Network: Whatever crimes whistleblowers like Jeremy Hammond and Chelsea Manning may have committed, they are nothing compared with the war crimes in the fraud and the lies that are being perpetrated by the corporate state, says Chris Hedges.

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Economic Update: “There Is No Recovery… and the Policy Is Not Working”

Richard D. Wolff, Economic Update, Truthout: Rick Wolff quotes Larry Summers above and asks why, when society funds high-tech companies like Twitter, doesn’t society have any ownership? Why does the US have the lowest minimum wage among developed countries? Why, if the US is so committed to free trade, does it insist on upholding the Cuban trade embargo? Why are our universities “private” when the bulk of their funding is public?; and more.

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Koch “Carbon Bomb” Brothers Could Cash in Billions on Alberta Tar Sands Holdings

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: The Koch brothers stand to make a pretty penny off of Alberta tar sands oil because of land holdings there. They also are creating toxic time bombs in the US converting the climate change fossil fuel into petroleum coke.

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Judge Could Torpedo NSA Surveillance Programs Monday

Read the Article at US News & World Report

Elizabeth Warren to Regulators and Congress: End “Too Big to Fail”

Read the Article at The Nation

Society Spends Billions on Incarceration but Relative Pennies on Preventing It

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Bernie Sanders Takes Aim at Austerity

Read the Article at Common Dreams

House Republicans to Try to Impeach Attorney General Holder

Read the Article at Reuters

Democrats Need to Stop Freaking Out About Obamacare and Take Charge

Read the Article at The Daily Beast

Meet the Punk Rocker Who Can Liberate Your FBI File

Read the Article at Mother Jones

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