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SaLuSa 15. 11. 2013 by MADAD

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Sirian Heaven

SaLuSa (1)

The more you are getting yourselves ready for entering your higher reality, the more you are experiencing its powerful energies and letting go of time boundaries. Sometimes you might experience people and things moving faster than usual, when you are just awaken from sleep or deep meditation where you have connected to flow of time within the higher reality. This can give you a very good picture of how the life gently flows without rush and chase that you are so very much used to now and slowing down only when your busy day is finished. It is for you to show you that with entering “no time” zone of the higher realities you will naturally slow down and enjoy everything as long as you will wish to. There is no need to worry that you will be late for some other experience because the point of life is to…

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Extreme Danger Of Spent Fuel Pools – Decommissioning San Onofre

Nuke plants are the most glaring example of fascism in the capitalist countriesvand totalitarianism in the communist bloc nations. If you actually gave ANY population the facts about nuclear power and asked if they wanted to use it no one would. It can’t be done without huge government subsidies. It isnot profitable and it is so insanely destructive aand poisonous that a simple mistake can make a town uninhabitable for generations.

Family Survival Protocol - Microcosm News

AGreenRoad – Pt1

AGreen Road ProjectAGreen Road Project·


Published on Nov 15, 2013

via http://www.agreenroadproject.org Spent fuel pools at 400 nuclear power plants globally are being stuffed with ever hotter, more radioactive, more dangerous nuclear waste, with plan on what to do with it from there.

This nuclear trash is so radioactively ‘hot’, so dangerous, that no one even knows what to do with it, so it just sits there. Yet, it is also a weapon of mass destruction, because if anything happens to take out the power to this spent fuel pool, it will boil dry and then catch on fire in a matter of hours, releasing 1,300 weapons of mass destruction on millions of people. That nuclear trash needs to get the H#* out of there. It is highly vulnerable to terrorist attack, tsunamis, earthquakes, or power failure, just as ALL nuclear plants are.

Decommissioning San Onofre and…

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Do you need an Enforced Rest?

Thank you for posting this. I too have a lot of enforced rest due to health issues but I think everyone can benefit from disengaging from the colonized hamster wheel regularly. I had a professor once who used to ask us if we were human BEINGS or human DOINGS. It is so hard to enslave people who are grounded and centered in their own being; fully alive and aware, creative, laughing-alive. One big reason why colonized culture locks up all the food and enforces the constant “rat race”. (My Nana told me we can relax because the rat race is over-the rats won!:-)

Cauldrons and Cupcakes

“Every person needs to take one day away.  A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future.  Jobs, family, employers, and friends can exist one day without any one of us, and if our egos permit us to confess, they could exist eternally in our absence.  Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for.  Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.” 
― Maya Angelou, Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now

I’m having an enforced rest day today. 🙂 It’s part of my Lyme Disease Recovery Program, and it was prescribed by my Doctor.

So I’ll keep this blog short!

Enforced Rest is about days or chunks of time where you are required to rest. I mean, properly REST. No working is involved. And you can’t go shopping, meet friends for coffee…

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Truthout Daily Digest November 15, 2013

Capitalism and Unemployment

Richard D Wolff, Truthout: Capitalists defend their “right” to hire and fire as an “entitlement” that cannot be questioned. However, its undemocratic nature, perverse social results and huge social and economic costs are borne by us all.

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How Can the States Provide Fourth Amendment Protection Against the NSA?

Michael Boldin, Truthout: Some in the civil liberties community are using state-level action based on a widely accepted legal principle known as the “anticommandeering doctrine” to resist warrantless wiretapping and other NSA violations of the Fourth Amendments’ privacy protections.

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TPP Disclosure Shows It Will Kill People and Internet; House Opposition Is Widespread

Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism: The Trans-Pacific Partnership already looked to be in trouble given both Congressional and foreign opposition. But now, the WikiLeaks disclosure could well have struck the fatal blow to this toxic trade pact.

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What Do We Treasure? A World Free of Nuclear Weapons

David Krieger, Truthout: An exhibition, “Everything You Treasure – For a World Free of Nuclear Weapons,” was organized by Soka Gakkai International and the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. At its opening in Nagasaki, Japan, on November 2, 2013, David Krieger made remarks.

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Americans’ Personal Data Shared With CIA, IRS, Others in Security Probe

Marisa Taylor, McClatchy Newspapers: US agencies collected and shared the personal information of thousands of Americans in an attempt to root out untrustworthy federal workers, but they ended up scrutinizing people who had no direct ties to the US government and simply had purchased certain books.

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How Big Money and Big Media Undermine Democracy

Bill Moyers, Moyers & Company: This past November 6, special interests pumped big money into promoting or tearing down candidates and ballot initiatives in elections across the country. But no one knows the dangers of this “money and media election complex” better than John Nichols and Robert McChesney, who speak with Bill this week.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

GMOs Solve No Real Problems Best: The Founding Fables of Industrialized Agriculture

Colin Tudge, Independent Science News: GMOs do not consistently or even usually yield well under field conditions; they do not necessarily lead to reduction in chemical inputs, and have often led to increases; and there is no worldwide consensus of scientists vouching for their safety.

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Don’t Mess With Texas: Michael Bishop’s Battle Against TransCanada Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

Julie Dermansky, DeSmogBlog: If you ever doubted that one man’s stand against the oil and gas industry can make a difference, consider the case of Michael Bishop. He is trying to stop the Keystone XL pipeline by means of multiple lawsuits.

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Rip-Off: High Out-of-Pocket Social Costs are a Stealth Tax on the Middle Class and the Poor

Joshua Holland, Moyers & Company: Americans’ heavy reliance on the private sector to provide social goods and services not only results in us paying a lot and getting a lot less for it, compared to other wealthy countries. It also makes the financing of our entire social welfare system far less fair.

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Health Reform’s Problems Run Deeper Than a Glitchy Web Site

Philip Caper, Bangor Daily News: Serious problems with the web sites created by the Affordable Care Act continue and probably will for a long time. But the causes of the web sites’ problems are far more serious than poor software design. They are baked into the law by its extreme complexity.

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Picket, Fight and Win

Seth Grande, Dollars & Sense: After spending the weekend discussing organizing skills, on Sunday afternoon the attendees of the International Solidarity Network Conference piled into cars and headed to the Tressa Apartment complex in a north Seattle neighborhood to do what solidarity networks do best: picket, fight and win.

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Big Retailers Make Low-Paid Workers Into Exploited Turkeys on Thanksgiving

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout:Pursuit of profit is increasingly encroaching on the national day of spiritual thanks. Consumerism is taking its toll on big box store workers when they should be celebrating with family and friends.

Read the BuzzFlash Commentary

TPP Leak Confirms the Worst

Read the Article at the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Screwing the People to Win the Game: The GOP and the ACA

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Dick Cheney: Even Bigger Monster Than You Thought

Read the Article at Salon

Eugene Robinson | Act of Contrition: Humbled President Apologizes for ACA Debacle, Vows to Stay the Course

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Federal Judge Slams DoJ for Not Prosecuting Wall Street Execs

Read the Article at Common Dreams

Charles P. Pierce | The Abandonment Of Self-Government

Read the Article at Esquire

Neocons Still Hoping for US-Iran Clash

Read the Article at Consortium News

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Dong, Dinar Revalue New World Order

I thought this might be useful to some newer readers who may gave discovered the blog thru the latest false alarm disappointment in the ongoing wait for the currency reval to occur. It kind of reminds me of the Peanuts comic strip with Lucy always moving tge football so Charlie Brown falls down when he tries to kick it. :-/ I hope everyone involved will realize that whenever it occurs, or IF it ever does, you are all much more powerful, creative, loving, amazing beings than you may currently be aware of being. The false systems designed to enslave humanity are going away with or without currency changes-or even currency:-) After a disaster like Super-Typhoon Haian, or the earthquake and tsunami in Japan it becomes apparent that LOVE and compassion not money are what really count. We all reach out to help the survivors, sending help, prayers, food, water, shelter, medicine and doctors.
Why not everday? Are we not all now survivors of the long disaster of colonization and money and tax based enslavement of humanity?

Spirit In Action

I have been thinking a lot lately about currency speculation, the “New Age”, New World Order and the connections between them.

Someone shared an article on a spiritual newsgroup I read about Steve Beckow receiving a directive in a channeling session with Archangel  Michael to purchase certain currencies that were very soon to revalue. The idea was that people working to bring about the new/golden age could spend small sums to then receive huge returns of money that could then be used for projects to better the world and help others.It sounded like a heart-in-the-right-place idea to me so why did my inner voice immediately start bugging me? 

I asked others about it and read a bunch both for and against it online but nothing I read or heard would silence that nagging inner tug of “something is not right here”.

If it works people would help others-all good. If…

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The Oracle Report Friday, November 15, 2013



Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, analyze, prepare, digest, cleanse

Moon: Aries/Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala

The Venus-Pluto conjunction hits hard today. As we know, there are always two polarities with energy. But even when the “negative” shows out, it ultimately serves to rectify or make things better. However, we rarely understand this at the time.

If you can keep one notion in mind today, it will help navigate you through the energy. The notion is: don’t make a mistake. Your heart knows if it is a mistake.

This means we need to think things through before we react. The energy brings up things that have been building, particularly things we haven’t wanted to face, acknowledge, discuss, or recognize. There is much projection of hurt. If we feel people have let us down or are not supportive, we tend to turn it outward today. This is especially true for things related to financial support, as Venus-Pluto often brings up money issues. It is unfortunate when things come to this point. It’s sad. The best option is to skip or bypass anger and express from the real place the issue is hitting you – from where you feelhurt. This is the way to bridge the situation.

The theme today with all things is bridging. What do you need to bridge? What needs to be taken from one place (mindspace) to another?

One other thing. There is great power in the voice today. Use it wisely.