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Dong, Dinar Revalue New World Order

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I thought this might be useful to some newer readers who may gave discovered the blog thru the latest false alarm disappointment in the ongoing wait for the currency reval to occur. It kind of reminds me of the Peanuts comic strip with Lucy always moving tge football so Charlie Brown falls down when he tries to kick it. :-/ I hope everyone involved will realize that whenever it occurs, or IF it ever does, you are all much more powerful, creative, loving, amazing beings than you may currently be aware of being. The false systems designed to enslave humanity are going away with or without currency changes-or even currency:-) After a disaster like Super-Typhoon Haian, or the earthquake and tsunami in Japan it becomes apparent that LOVE and compassion not money are what really count. We all reach out to help the survivors, sending help, prayers, food, water, shelter, medicine and doctors.
Why not everday? Are we not all now survivors of the long disaster of colonization and money and tax based enslavement of humanity?

Spirit In Action

I have been thinking a lot lately about currency speculation, the “New Age”, New World Order and the connections between them.

Someone shared an article on a spiritual newsgroup I read about Steve Beckow receiving a directive in a channeling session with Archangel  Michael to purchase certain currencies that were very soon to revalue. The idea was that people working to bring about the new/golden age could spend small sums to then receive huge returns of money that could then be used for projects to better the world and help others.It sounded like a heart-in-the-right-place idea to me so why did my inner voice immediately start bugging me? 

I asked others about it and read a bunch both for and against it online but nothing I read or heard would silence that nagging inner tug of “something is not right here”.

If it works people would help others-all good. If…

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One thought on “Dong, Dinar Revalue New World Order

  1. The Dinar insiders are very excited right now. They feel that a tipping point has been reached. All the glitches and blocking is over. This may be about to finally go down! http://dinarrv.org/dinar-news-today-tnt-tony-and-okie_oil_man-november-20-2013/

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