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North Point Astrology Journal November 18 to 24, 2013 By Pam Younghans

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tail strip

tail strip

Today’s photo: Comet ISON as seen from Kahler Asten, Germany onNovember 16, 2013 (photo by Waldemar Skorupa, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

COMET ISON has just increased its brightness tenfold after an unexplained “outburst” on November 13 and 14. It is now bright enough and close enough to Earth to be seen by the naked eye.
And, for those with telescopes, there is a rare “comet bonanza” occurring right now, with four individual comets being visible in the pre-dawn sky: ISON, Lovejoy, 2P/Encke, and LINEAR (C/2012 X1).
Comets are some of the “wild cards” in astrological interpretation. They do not follow the same rules as the traditional planets and asteroids we use in everyday astrology. Because of this, we can consider comets to represent ways and times in which we are supported in “breaking the rules” — breaking free from the karmic patterns and restrictions that have formed our lives (and perhaps lifetimes) until now.
ASTRONOMERS believe that comets come from one of two places, either the Kuiper Belt, which is beyond Neptune, or the Oort Cloud, which theoretically lies beyond Pluto. The Oort Cloud is thought to be about one light year from the Sun, but has not yet been proven to exist. It is from this hypothetical Oort Cloud that Comet ISON is said to originate.
Using those characteristics, we can also surmise that all comets represents ways and times in which we can receive new information and insights, that some might judge as being “far out.” In particular, with comets from the Oort Cloud, we are receiving information from sources that are not yet proven or that seem “other worldly,” but that clearly have effect on us.
Considering that those Oort Cloud comets come from distant reaches of space, we can also think of them in as coming from our “future,” since their light would usually take at least one year to reach us on Earth. In that sense, Comet ISON’s arrival in our space may represent opportunities to integrate aspects of our future selves.
WE HAVE OTHER clues as to the purposes of Comet ISON. We’ve talked a lot in recent months about the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square and its effects and challenges. This square (in effect from 2012 to 2015) is actually the first testing point in a cycle that began in the mid-1960s, when Pluto and Uranus were aligned and many social and political changes were initiated.
That is why my jaw dropped a bit when I read this on thecometinformer.com website this morning:
“The orbital similarity between ISON and the Great Comet of 1965 suggests that the two comets could have actually broken off from the same parent body.”
The synchronization of the two timeframes is pretty compelling. September-October 1965, which is when “the Great Comet” was visible from Earth, was also when Uranus and Pluto were exactly aligned, in middle degrees of Virgo. And, Comet ISON is now traveling through the constellation of Virgo, as seen from Earth.
WE CAN CONSIDER this time, these last two to three months of 2013, to be pivotal in many ways. This is the time for greater insight into the changes that are taking place in our personal and collective lives. It is time for us to call upon our knowing of cosmic truths, whether or not we can explain them or pinpoint their origins.
It is also time to call upon our self of the future to be integrated into our self of the Now. That future self may be healed in some way, may be more enlightened, may be more courageous or more loving, or more ___________ (fill in the blank). This timeframe, these comets, this Pluto-Uranus square — they are all conspiring to help us break free from the limitations and definitions of the past that continue to affect our present, and we can use their energies with those intentions in mind.
I’m sure there are many meditations out there that utilize the imagery of calling one’s future self into the present. If you know of a good one, please send me an email and I’ll consider putting it on my blog. I also wrote a simple visualization and posted it to my blog this morning, if you are interested. (See “On comets and futures”.)
LOOKING at the planetary aspects for the week, we find that the planets in our solar system are also supporting this healing work and alignment with our higher selves. Mercury aligns with the North Node on Monday, bringing into consciousness some truths about our purposes here on planet Earth and helping us let go of the mindsets that have held us back.
Chiron, the Wounded Healer, stations direct (starts moving forward) on Tuesday, completing its retrograde (backward motion) phase that started in mid-June. As always, a planet that is changing direction imprints its energies more fully on our awareness, due to its proximity to Earth and its slowed motion.
This increase in Chiron’s influence emphasizes the healing possible now. In particular, Chiron in Pisces is showing us how we have limited our progress by trying to do everything on our own, and by trying to control outcomes. The healing of the Pisces wound results in a greater trust in the unseen support that weaves through our lives, and a more open heart through conscious application of compassion and acceptance.
THE WAVE of positive energy continues on Wednesday, when Chiron and Pluto form supportive aspects with Mercury. These aspects encourage us in our expanding awareness of the meanings and purposes of events in our daily lives.
And, on Thursday, the Sun enters Sagittarius for its yearly visit. Sagittarius is know for its enthusiasm, humor, generosity and optimism — and these traits are more available to all of us while the Sun traverses the sign, from November 21 through December 21.


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