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Daily Kos :: Dear Richard Cohen’s ‘cultural cons ervatives’ (racists). Please vomit when you see me.

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Dear Richard Cohen’s ‘cultural conservatives’ (racists). Please vomit when you see me.
by Denise Oliver Velez Nov 17, 2013 8:00am PST
Denise Oliver Velez, (photo Will Orellana)

This is what I look like. The result of an ancestry of a bicentennial of breeding farms and rape during the enslavement period on one side of the family, and a loving marriage between a white Kansan grandmother and a black grandfather from Tennessee on the other (whose marriage was illegal in many parts of the U.S. in 1915 when they wed).

Since we’ve been informed byWashington Postcolumnist Richard Cohen that the sight of “us” (and we number in the millions) makes racists he refuses to call racists gag—I suggest strongly that they complete the process.

Puke on.

I’ve read outraged responses to his column, from Ta-Nehisi Coates, toHunter here at Daily Kos, to Salon and more, but still haven’t been able to shake off my own anger at Cohen (and his WaPo bosses) whose inability to state that gaggers=teabaggers=racists, displays once again his Paleolithic punditry and history of racism, sexism and homophobia.

What was also bizarre was while using the de Blasio family as an example of what evokes choking (de Blasio who just won by a landslide in NYC), he singles out Harry Belafonte, as if every major civil rights organization hasn’t called out the Teapublican brand of hate, and as if Republicans across the board haven’t been supporting racist voter repression, anti-immigration reform, and programs like Stop and Frisk.

Hey Cohen—if it looks like a racist, talks like a racist, passes racist legislation, it ain’t conventional at all—it’s racist.

Recent surveys prove that a vastmajority of Americans approveof interracial marriage. Yet his “not-racists” (his holders of conventional views) to whom he attributes a gag reflex still exist, as an antediluvian minority, like the 46 percent of Republicanssurveyed in Mississippi who would like to ban it. They are not reflective of national opinion.

I look at myself each morning in the mirror. A black woman, clearly with ancestry not exclusively sub-Saharan African. Such is the nature of the “made in the U.S.A.” label for so many of us “black” folks, and others who reflect a mélange of cross-ethnic marriages and lineages.

From my point of view anyone who objects to me and mine as some sort of abomination, deserves an 100 percent made by the KKK tag, with hooded accessories.

Follow me below the fold for more.

Our mixed ancestral genesis, and demographics here on these shores, in the Caribbean, Latin America, and even in Europe, or in Africa itself (for example “Cape Coloureds” in South Africa) exhibits no inability on the part of “whites” to mingle sperm and ova with “blacks” or any other form of cross-ethnic fertilization and birth. We are homo sapiens sapiens, not different species. But it took until 1967 for the Supreme Court here in the U.S. to validate the right to marry across racial lines as the law of the land. The irony ofLoving v. Virginia, which ended legal discrimination is in the surname “Loving.”

I’m fed up with the denial about, and excuses made for Teapublican Christians who talk about Jesus’s love on a Sunday morning out of one side of their mouth and excoriate “race mixing” out of the other. The path to the pews should carpeted in the vile retching of hypocrites.

Chief Justice Earl Warren ruled: … (More)

(Please click the link below to read the whole article with comments, on Daily Kos-
http://m.dailykos.com/story/2013/11/17/1255486/-Dear-Richard-Cohen-s-cultural-conservatives-racists-Please-vomit-when-you-see-me?detail=email )

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