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5 thoughts on “Prophecy of the Eighth Fire

  1. It is interesting the Seven Fires coincides with the Seven Blood Moon Tetrads falling on Passover and Sukkoth. The Fourth Fire coincides with the 4th Seal of the Book of Danial (when 1/4 of the world was taken) and on the 4th blood moon tetrad of 1492-1493. According to Meredith Quinn this was when the Black Israelites aka “Moors” were taken captive during the papal inquisition and “Columbus” and we know the “rest of the story”.

    This is where we are currently. We are into the Seventh Blood Moon Tetrad falling on Passover and Sukkoth. I have not read the Seventh Seal of the Book of Danial. Here is what we have.

    We have Elizabeth Windsor, Chief of the Tribe of Judah, aka the “Queen”, in [breach of] Trust; HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH THE SECOND who holds out her authority on TI by way of the Royal Proclamation 1763. The RP appears to be a fraud initiated by Pondiak and certain “trustees” of George Frederik, Chief of the Tribe of Judah who also passed power of attorney to Vatican agent; Lord Privy Seal.

    If we review George’s and Elizabeth’s genealogy we find them of Judah, the ruling Tribe of Israel whose Laws are found in the Pentateuch. According to the Laws set out therein we find Judah is prevented from engaging in contracts for they may be, and are, snares. So, when the RP speaks of “Treaties” we know this is a fraud.

    Contracts are equally binding and mutually reciprocal. While Judah was prevented from engaging in the RP it has done nothing to set aside the fraud. Therefore, what ever Judah, pope and Vatican curia’s council of Cana’anites stole, must be paid back two times. And, the Anishinabe gain back the land.

    Next, any Anihsinabe will tell you the land belongs to the Creator and is not for sale for we are merely sojourners with Him and are permitted to so do as long as He will it. According to the RP if the land is to be sold it is to be sold to the King-Queen. The King and Queen’s bibles speak of the land not being available to be sold also.

    So, what do we have? We have the RP sitting as a fraud and we know frauds vitiate contracts. We also know the RP is a fraud for it has yet to be enforced and, after 251 years such enforcement is highly improbable.

    I am curious on what your thoughts are on this topic considering this would appear to be the fulfillment of the Seventh Fire; if done correctly, with the right people and not the white indians who are spoken in detail about in this prophecy.

    • I think I would have to do a bit more reading to fully understand what you are discussing here. I always find it interesting when two or more prophecies from different cultures and areas of the world seem to corroborate one another.
      My overall feeling about the prophecies is that since the Universe appears to be mostly governed by a combination of quantum mechanics and chaos theory the level of complexity involved tends to be well beyond anything we can easily pin down or directly predict.
      Especially when discussing things like weather, Earth changes or human societies, the number of independent systems interacting to produce results is too vast to calculate.
      So my usual idea is that as long as we live in a sacred manner, with respect for all living beings (recognizing that everything is alive), and acting from the heart with good intent; then the best outcomes of the prophecies will naturally come to fruition in their appropriate time.
      The thefts of land and resources and the ongoing genocide of indigenous peoples everywhere are part of what the Vedas call the Kali Yuga.
      We have been in the time of destruction, dissolution and dominance of evil for a long time.
      These horrors cannot continue indefinitely because all of Nature is a great circle of endless cycles. This cycle must, and will come to an end. I believe we can help it’s ending and the Shift into the cycle of renewal or Golden Age move more quickly (or rather we can manifest the physical evidence of this Shift sooner instead of later) by our good intents, prayers and actions.

      You are quite right that no one can own the land-it seems to me like ants claiming to own your refrigerator; -)

      • It is quite simple; “power laundering”. Lots of laundering going on. Like in 1866 there were two funds on Turtle Island; the Indian Fund and the Consolidated Revenue Fund. The Indian Fund was rolled into the Consolidated Revenue Fund as a money laundering scheme. The Kings and Queen’s who succeeded the “Catholic” monarchy were of the Tribe of Judah incapable of engaging in the Treaty process. The true parties of interest, in this fraud, are the same scallywags who forced the Rez schools and Rez concentration camps; Vatican curia! Elizabeth is the donor of its Signet ring; pope is the trustee; pope’s contractors are sometimes called “government”. Yes, Lizzy, George and Anishinabe all say the same thing; “the land belongs to the Most High” it is ha ShatanVatican curia who demads the land! So, the white Anishinabe aka “chief and council” like Glenn Hudson can’t “sell” the land fast enough. And, there is no money! It is debt instrument-legal tender which creates a artificial debt witch takes the land in lieu of the “debt” i. e. Jasper and Banff are recent Vatican acquisisitions. So, time to wakie wakie! Where are the Algonquin Warriors? It is their time!

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