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The Oracle Report Monday, November 18, 2013

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Full Moon Phase: realization, illumination, shadow, fulfillment, experience

Moon: Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala

Get ready for kundalini rising! Kundalini is raw energy that is coiled in the base of our bodies and, when activated, produces spiritual revelations, ecstatic experiences, penetrating insight, and access to untapped personal power. The serpent is closely associated with kundalini, as it remains looped like aq snake until called upon, and then meanders up through our chakra system. Today’s energy reinforces the snaking of kundalini currents that have been dormant. Kundalini can be acitvated through intense meditation, but it is best activated naturally, like today.

But with kundalini rising all over the place, things can get a bit noisy or overwhelming today. We tend to be more communicative when the Moon is in Gemini, and we also tend to be more active and energetic when we are in a Full Moon phase. People are generally more “jacked up” in general and a lot of activity takes place. We get bold and take risks. We see what needs to change. We want something new. Be smart and try to moderate any impulsive decisions until the rise is over. You will know when you return to equilibrium and can therefore make better decisions. The full extent of the rise occurs during this Full Moon phase, but Kamala will be on duty until the next lunar month which begins on December 2.

These powerful currents also blow out any unresolved emotions (especially grief and shame) and traumas locked into the chakras. When this happens, we can feel pain or illness in that area of the body. It’s important to be kind and gentle to yourself during states of kundalini rising. Turn down the outer world and go inside yourself to smooth the process. Keep yourself firmly rooted to the planet, Gaia-Sophia. It is helpful to envision yourself rooted with light through your feet, magnetically pulled into the earth, with the roots moving with you as you walk around in your day. I repeat it over and over again like a beacon, but connection with the earth is what keeps us sane, especially with intense energies like these.

There are things we can do to faciliate the process. Yoga, reiki, exercise, dance, and massage are a few. Earlier this year I mentioned that a friend gave me a RumbleRoller, a dense foam roller with nodes that enables us to work sore spots out of our bodies. It makes you feel like a new person. But my favorite thing is that it enables you to work on an exact spot and apply the amount of pressure that is comfortable for you – any time you desire. It’s empowering to be able to take care of yourself like this. To my delight, the geniuses at RumbleRoller have created a new treasure – the Beastie. The Beastie is a RumbleRoller in a little ball. You can take it anywhere! It’s the perfect device to ease any discomfort that comes from not just daily life, but also from kundalini rising. I rarely stumble across products that I want to talk about on the Oracle Report, but this one is too good to miss and quite affordable. There’s also a hook you can put the Beastie in, allowing you to get spots in your back without having to pull a muscle reaching for it. Heavenly!

And heavenly is the thing to remember today. This episode of kundalini rising is courtesy the Wisdom Goddess Kamala. She wants us to break out of limitations and have a richer, more expansive experience of life and love. What do you need to do to bring a piece of heaven down to your life and to our world? These answers come to us under the light of the Full Moon and the fire of kundalini.

If you missed it over the weekend, wise owl Szabi created the Oracle Report logo that is also a mandala. 77783809Coloring a mandala is an exercise that works out our spiritual muscles. Print it out and try it. But don’t be surpised if it blows out your chakras! Let’s send some love to Szabi for this beautiful gift to us.


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