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Occupy Madison: Building homes for the homeless

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Thank you for posting this! People are gathering together all over the world to help one another. So beautiful!

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First Occupy Wall Street buys up medical debt to relieve the burden pon folks who were afflicted by poverty and ill health, and now Occupy Madison builds homes for the homeless.

A heartening report from RT:

Occupy Madison builds ‘tiny home’ for homeless

Program notes:

A group in Madison, Wisc. is taking an innovative approach to helping the homeless. Occupy Madison, an offshoot of the Occupy Movement, has built its first “tiny home” as part of their initiative called, “OM Build.” They hope the house will become part of a cooperative village of eco-friendly homes. The tiny home is less than 100 square feet, and is built largely with recycled materials. RT’s Sam Sacks talks with Occupy Madison organizer Luca Clemente about how OMB Build helps the homeless in more ways than just providing them shelter.

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