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Re-set Emerging Grid of Tyranny And Control

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I really appreciate this post except this  This is what sustainable development is about, everything green, and UN Agenda 21.” which is absurdly inaccurate and using the exact terms the cabal uses to try and short circuit the very importabt work of cleaning up the mess we have made of our beautiful planet. No matter what the idiot 1% say or do now or in the 1930s no matter what their infighting between the oil barons and the tech control folks-no matter hiw they try to coopt the work we who REALLY care about the environment and all living beings-Agenda21 abd everything green is NOT them it is US because if you don’t take care if your planet you become extinct-which is exactly why the koch brothers and the rest of the cabal have spent so much mobey to convince you that agenda21and “everything green” are just a plot by the other cabal factions and not the very real and necessary outpouring of common sense tgey actually are. If you believe that you can do whatever you want to destroy other species and the land and seas then you are nit only not ascending you are completely programmed by the oil barons. Look at tge teachings of every single indigenous group on Earth, every non colonized group-we are required by Creator to treat ALL living beings with respect and care-ie being green. It makes me sick to see people supposedly wanting a better world who keep repeating Koch brother talking points like they can’t think for themselves. Please recognize thst carbon based energy is OVER and has to stop.its not about cabal infighting but human survival. Dirty stupid energy sources are not the future-isn’t that obvious? We don’t need carbon tax we need a complete END to fracking, oil drilling and all the rest of these filthy poisonous mining and burning things activities. Look into free energy, solar, wind and simple conservation. They all make more sense than being a Koch-sucker! (Lookat what the tar sands have done to Native communities in Canada aband tell me again why being green is a trick-if you can I guarantee you are soul-dead, self absorbed, and without care for anything beyond your own desires.

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