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The Oracle Report Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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Full Moon Phase: realization, illumination, shadow, fulfillment, experience

Moon: Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala

Mighty Chiron stations direct today (appears to move forward in the sky once again) and Oracle Report readers recall that days a planet stations direct bring the full effect of the planet’s archetypal energy or signature. Chiron, the Centaur, the Master Teacher, is a wounded healer. When Chiron stations direct, the healing aspect of Chiron occurs. Specifically, today healing centers on:

Wounds, pain, grief, and blocked chakras being brought up by the current natural rise of kundalini are in the process of repair (see yesterday’s report in the Archives for more information)
Ideas or themes related to longevity, stability, permanance, things carved in stone, things of lasting value Returning “home” or feeling comfortable, safe, and secure
Defiance or release of expectations, especially others’ expectations of us or what “the matrix” expects of us
Coping with health, finance, and stress issues through assistance or help or guidance from others
We really need to pace ourselves with today’s energy. It’s strong and easy to get caught up in it, but we don’t want to burn out early. The Wisdom Goddess Kamala helps with this because her energy moderates and brings assurance. She works well with today’s energy because Chiron stationing direct helps us clear ignorance of who we really are and how powerful we really are.

For all intents and purposes we are in quadruple Full Moon energy. This year, the Libra lunar month (October) and the Scorpio lunar month (November) are “Full Moon times of the year.” The overarching equivalent of the months carries the themes of Full Moon phases – realization, illumination, shadow, fulfillment, experience. October’s Full Moon brought the first double-punch and now the Full Moon phase of this lunar month brings another doubling. Full Moon fever is in full force. Things are wild and extreme. But we are grounded with the planet and moving with the changes – the corrections to our lives and our world. Wise owls remain immersed in the manifest beauty of Gaia Sophia to maintain sanity.


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