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Being a Lightwarrior

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Thank you for sharing this! I feel like the changes are coming in waves-we feel and see the new and filled with joy and wonder start to feel at home in it and then the waves recedes and the cabal or just some low frequency people step up the awfulness and it seems like the wonder and beauty were a dream…until a time goes by and starts again. I have faith now that no matter how many times they try to lower things the waves will keep coming. Higher and higher until no more lowering will fit between us in our loving unity.
Thank you for your beautiful blog also. I am so grateful to have found it!

Lighthouse of Love and Joy

…This memory reminds you how to align your consciousness with the heart/mind of many of your higher expressions of Self. You will then know that you are a Galactic and/or Celestial Angelic Being who is in the process of returning to your true Ascended Master of Self. This information will not decrease your sorrow regarding the immense damage that Gaia suffers every day.

In fact, it will so greatly increase your sorrow that you will be driven to expand your perception of Ascension to include the planet. In other words, with your humanity revealed as an illusion of the third dimension, you will turn your loving intentions towards ALL life on planet Earth. You will KNOW that the ONE of Gaia includes not just humanity, but every component of living Earth.

(from Blossom Goodchild channelings)

These words struck me on a deep level. They were also an immense a-ha…

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