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QEG Update 2

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Thank you for posting and for DOING this!
I don’t fully understand the principal of this device but it appears to require another power source to start, but will then generate power once certain conditions are met.
I have not recently heard updates on Keshe technology for power genrration, or the production stage of the E-cat but it appears with this and a few others we are well into a revolution in how we generate electricity. Anyone who has updates or news on this please feel free to post links in the comments and of course share this update with others.
An end to fracking would be the absolute PERFECT Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/ Midwinter/Solstice gift for the Earth and humanity wouldn’t it??:-)

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We must surely be on the verge of our Golden Age if I’m writing this update for all to see! We are not afraid of suppression and oppression, although we thank the many souls who are concerned for us (keep holding us in the LIGHT!). We are not in fear or doubt, are not covert in any way (fully transparent except location), and rejoice in our hearts knowing that some of the suffering on the planet will soon be alleviated.

Still on schedule J I’m posting some pics here of the early beginnings. At the same time of the end of our crowdfunding campaign, we were moving but didn’t know where up to 2 days before we needed to be out of the trailer we’d been living in for 3 years. No matter what it looked like in that last week, we held the vision of what we needed: a…

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