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Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013

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Thank you for posting this! I’m sorry to all for posting this a day late but I was too ill most of yesterday and today to keep up with my reading and posting. 2years ago I lost a transgender friend to unnecessary death. Tho her death was not by violence, but rather by the all too common medical practice of ignoring the patient which delayed critical care until it was too late. Her loss still haunts me because it was such a ridiculous waste of a beautiful creative young life, whuch would not have happened had she remained the “he” she was born as. Our societies need to wake up to love and compassion for ALL. I’m pretty sure we can safely leave the judging up to God.

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It’s late, and there is not much left of November 20 as I write this (at least, not where I am writing from), but I could not close down my computer without recognizing this day, which was established in 1999 to commemorate those transgender persons who have been murdered in the past year (I understand it is well over 200 globally this year). Especially, here in Jamaica, I would like us to remember Dwayne Jones, a gender non-conforming teenager who was murdered (chopped and stabbed to death) by a mob on July 22 this year after party-goers discovered he was wearing women’s clothing. Young Dwayne had aspirations to become an entertainer.

So far as I know, we have had no recent updates on the investigation into Dwayne’s tragic death.

Below is a link to a message from the White House in recognition of the day, which notes: “This…

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