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Individual Hue-Being Resonances Combine at this Moment for the Grand Gaia Portal Awakening…


gaia_energy1Individual Hue-Being resonances combine at this moment for the grand Gaia Portal awakening.

Multiple upgraded portals harmonize into a single focus for Gaia Ascension, supported by aligned Hue-Being intent.

Fractionation of hu-manity has ended, and is recognized by hu-beings, as well as at all Gaia energetic levels.

Supplementation of this process comes from Cosmic Sources.

Standards of all Gaia inhabitants have increased considerably and are at levels sufficient to support this.

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Truthout Daily Digest November 25, 2013

Drone Strike Victims Find Support From Activists, Silence From Unapologetic US Leaders

Rania Khalek, Truthout: A second drone briefing from victims at the US House of Representatives is also sparsely attended, but concerned citizens from around the world packed CODEPINK’s Global Drone Summit in November in Washington, DC.

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Understanding Warsaw: Capitalism, Climate Change and Neocolonialism

Chris Williams, Truthout: The very structure of capitalism assures the absence of substantive results from the Warsaw – or any other – climate change conference.

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Beyond Tests: How to Foster Imagination in Students

Marion Brady, The Washington Post: Over the past years, the commodification of knowledge has pushed education into a series of high stakes tests that crushed students’ ability to foster imagination from their schooling. Parents can either continue to allow this to take place, or fight for the future of their children.

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Meet America’s Biggest Welfare Queens

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: The reality is that the money allocated to social programs is just a fraction of the amount of money the government gives to big corporations. However, a new bill that would end the tax loopholes and corporate subsidies supporting Big Oil might be the answer to end corporate welfare.

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Chris Hedges | Shielding a Flickering Flame

Chris Hedges, TruthDig: The self destructive path that we find ourselves on – from our economic and social decline to the destruction of our environment – is more than just a ritual suicide, it is also an act of murder against future generations.

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More Pain From the ACA: Spending Less on Health Care

Dean Baker, Truthout: While President Obama could take credit for the recent slowdown in health care cost growth as an extension of the ACA, however deeper analysis proves that this temporary benefit is actually a symptom of our continually flailing economy.

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The Administration Versus James Risen

Charles M. Smith, Truthout: The recent case against journalist James Risen is a reflection of the government’s ongoing war against journalism, especially in the wake of the NSA surveillance program. We as citizens must work to protect those who fight for the truth.

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Iran Nuke Pact Defies the Neocons

Paul R. Pillar, Consortium News: Official Washington’s still influential neocons are livid over President Obama’s interim nuclear deal with Iran and will keep up their sabotage fight. But the pact marks an important fork in the foreign policy road, showing that the US government can still put American interests first.

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Scared to Death, My Safety ‘Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Security

Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch: Despite the fact that we are living in a real life horror movie these days, equipped with mass violence and crazed murderers who care nothing about the sanctity of life and life chances, we seem to be desensitized like moviegoers in a theatre watching the latest disaster flick.

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Spooky Business: US Corporations Enlist Ex-Intelligence Agents to Spy on Nonprofit Groups

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: A new report details how corporations are increasingly spying on nonprofit groups they regard as potential threats. Essential Information found a diverse groups of nonprofits, including environmental, antiwar, public interest, consumer safety, pesticide reform, gun control, social justice, animal rights and arms control groups have been targeted with espionage.

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The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Jim Hightower | McDonald’s: Low-Paid Workers, High-Flying Execs

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New Thanksgiving: Billionaires Gorge as Many in America Near Starvation

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Charles P. Pierce | The Long Shadow of Iran-Contra

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Secrecy Shrouds Sandy Hook Shooting Investigation

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Republicans – Yes, Republicans – Are Joining the Battle Against Big Money Politics

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Four Ways the Koch Brothers’ Wealth Is Beyond Comprehension

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Ten Fun Facts About Blackwater’s Founder on the Eve of His Book Tour

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The Oracle Report Monday, November 25, 2013



Third Quarter Moon Phase: realign, revise, reorient, take responsibility

Moon: Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala, the Lotus Goddess

AUDIO UPDATE 11/24/2013

Venus joins the Black Moon and Jupiter in symphony to recreate relationships today. Like falling leaves, we are sprinkled with clarity and insight about what (and who) makes us happy and how we want things to be. Wise owls see the blessings in their lives blaze before them and hold gratitude.
We move to the Third Quarter Moon phase, technically the energetic ending of the lunar month. But this Third Quarter Moon phase is actually the end of two lunar months’ worth of energy. The better part of October and November were two months of the “Full Moon” time of year. Full Moons bring full light and fullest expression. From there, nature wanes. The energy becomes more refined. And we go “inside” ourselves. We kindle the heart fires.

The process works best today when we slow down. Rearrangement comes in under this energy, so don’t resist if you encounter it. Let things take their new place. Because Black Moon energy involves self-judgment, we tend to be critical when it is activated. But it is best to suspend judgment of whatever is rearranging – especially judgement of your feelings. Let things be what they are and they will settle into their natural, comfortable place with this energy. Look at what is being shown to you, but don’t judge it yet. Just give it some room to breathe.

This is one of those reports that will make much more sense at the end of the day.

Warriors of the heart are open yet vigilent of their surroundings and prepared to respond if needed.

Great troves of love are in the air. Let’s fill up!


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Divine Light Within – Short Message from the Angelic Realm by Multidimensional Ocean – 25 Nov 2013

Thank you Laura! Especially now in the “holiday season” with so much pressure and distraction, it is good to make a habit of recentering and grounding ourselves in the moment and our bodies.

Multidimensional Ocean



Everybody feels the attraction for the intriguing, the fascinating, the mesmerising, the front of the brain, the doing, the over-thinking. Some of you enjoy reading about how beautiful souls you are, which is true indeed, but we all already know that, so why enjoying reading about it over and over again? What would help everybody is the realization that these are all automatic responses to attractions.

When one responds to attractions instinctively, one no longer sees what is, one enters the illusion fully. To see the illusion, one needs to be present. This means being present in your body, be linked to your spine and to the higher energies running throughout your body. To be linked to life itself, for you are these higher energies, you are made of Stars and of the God spark.

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The manuscript of survival – part 374

Thank you Aisha! I’m so glad the cc’s chose to focus on this. There is so much distraction that despite a constant pull toward going within it is hard not to be thrown off course.

aisha north

The time to go within has never been more important, as now, so much much is happening on all sides, you will be hard pressed to really notice what is happening within your own realms. You see, you can get easily distracted now, not only by the physical responses that these energies may engender, but also by all of the external noise that is currently sweeping across your globe. Make no mistake, not all of this noise will be there specifically to lead you astray from your own path, but all external affairs may serve as a diversion that will make it more easy for you to lose your momentum in all sorts of ways. So again we repeat the same advice we have been giving you for a number of times already, but never has it been more important. For now, you are about to step forth into virgin…

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How Gratitude Transforms Us Inelia Benz

cute puppies and kittens wallpaper xpc0gtur

cute puppies and kittens wallpaper xpc0gtur

Let’s look at the energy lines of the spirit behind the Thanksgiving event.

As kids we are forced to say “thank you” to people who give us stuff, or help us in some way. But before we are forced, as babies, we would naturaly say “thank you” with giggles, smiles and many hugs.

Somewhere along the line, we forgot about that amazing, powerful, transforming energy of “gratitude”. The word gratitude comes from the Latin word related to “grace”. The word “thank” comes from Germanic and is related to “think”. Both hint at the powerful transformation a person can experience from feeling gratitude.

This week, in the USA, Thanksgiving is celebrated. The origins of Thanksgiving can be traced to Europe’s harvest festivals, and also to a story of Pilgrims from Plymouth’s survival in the New World.

Traditionally in the USA, Thanksgiving it is a time when family gets together, drama played out, new future spouses introduced to parents (or kids), and much entertainment, food and communication shared around the country. The airlines make huge profits from families and friends travelling huge distances to get to spend a few days with loved ones. It has been commercialized to hell now, just like any other social celebration, but the energy behind it still lives.

I grew up in England and did not hear about Thanksgiving until some movie or other on television. Still, it was not really “real” to me until I came to visit the USA for the very first time, and my then boyfriend took me to his parent’s house for Thanksgiving. I had no idea it was Thanksgiving at the time, nor what it meant to be taken “home to the folk” on that particular day, and was surprised at how shocked and grateful his parents were that their son had brought a girl home for Thanksgiving for the first time in their lives. I had no idea we were then considered to be engaged. No idea they had been praying for him to find someone, and started praying they might get grandkids again (a dream they had dropped about a decade earlier).

The energy of finaly bringing the significant other home at a time of Giving Thanks is an extremely powerful mystical combination. It bases the new relationship in Grace, Thoughfulness, and permanency.

In the USA, when a person divorces themselves from the energetic imprint of their biological family, the first thing he or she does is often to “be busy” during Thanksgiving. Or simply not turn up. The retreat into quientness and solitude is also a very significant and important “ritual” of intent. “I choose a different path and energy imprint to that of my family”. Or they might choose a group of friends who do resonate at his or her frequency to spend this time with.

Our human lineage gives thanks to Gaia for her abundant support at harvest time, the human collective in the tribe and family, and strengthening or cutting of energies is carried out publicly during the ritual of Giving Thanks.

Yet non of this really, trully expresses the amazing power and energy feeling grateful ignites in us.

Let’s do it!

1. Think of something or someone you love. It could be your cat or dog, your car, clothes on your back, job, passion, a beautiful sunset… just about anything that captured your heart even if momentarily.

2. Look at that being or thing, or visualize it your mind if it’s not with you right now, and say “thank you”.

3. Repeat the words, and feel the energy of the words come out of your heart center and grow larger and larger.

4. Feel its warmth, joy, and power.


If we do this once a day, say when we wake up first thing in the morning, or the middle of the night, in just a few days we will see a huge transformation in our lives.

Every time I think of you, who are out there in the world, working on raising the vibrational level of the planet, processing all your negative output, increasing and empowering your positive output, my heart is filled with gratitude, love, joy, light.


Inelia Benz