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The Oracle Report Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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Third Quarter Moon Phase: realign, revise, reorient, take responsibility Moon: Virgo/Libra

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala, the Lotus Goddess, Goddess of Kundalini, Goddess of Assurance

AUDIO UPDATE 11/24/2013 https://www.freeconferencing.com/playback.html?cid=conferences/-17-65-67-17-65-67116-17-65-67281390-17-65-6736-17-65-67-52-1022272250.mp3&e=1640926800000&cn=94-43-28-63
A direct and concerted effort is undertaken today to get a message through to each of us. It’s a special delivery and it comes in strongest through what we hear.
To receive the wisdom, we engage our inner and outer senses. What we see, feel and hear in the outer world is teaching us just as much as what we see, feel, and hear in our heart and mindscape. It’s full immersion in the consciousness of the planet herself. It’s like a cradling and comforting from a spongey marshmallow and it brings suredness. It brings a “knowing.” It is important to trust this “knowing” today. It is fresh off of the “rebirth” energy of the Venus-Black Moon/Jupiter opposition and it is trying to re-align us with our proper course. Our proper course is a free, happy, and creatively fulfilling life, by the way. Simple as that.

The Moon conjuncts Mars early this morning, but their kiss lingers throughout the day’s energy. Emotions are stirred, particularly anger and grief. How is what you are feeling related to the message that is trying to get through to you? We’ve had two months of full light for clarity and insight to see what we need to see. We just need to see right now; action is not required. It may be helpful to think about precendent. What’s the history of the issue? What has borne out or been shown over and over again?

Things try to get through the cracks today, so it may be necessary to enlist the help of others if you are working on something important. More hands or eyes on something will make it better. It will bear fruit. The potential, in fact, it limitless. Conscious use of the energy can deeply imprint success and flowering into the project, idea, or intention. All that is required is the wisdom to know untapped potential is stronger today.

Pay attention to what’s playing in the background…


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