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Texas High School Student In Coma After Being Tased On Campus

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Thank you for posting this. I hope everyone will share this and a request for prayers for this young man. Recently here in Florida another young man received a similarly severe brain injury at school-tho his was an accident while playing ball before football practice. Many of us prayed for him and despite an initial prognosis that he might not survive the night, I saw in the newspaper a few days ago that he, after less than two months was walking a little bit and able to speak to the reporter.
While we must call to account all who abuse authority and others/the Earth, I feel that we erade their false power by focusing our loving intent and prayers on healing those they harm. WE the people of Earth can choose for t he violence, corruption and power over/abusive system to end now by focusing on love, healing and positive outcomes in every situation we encounter.
Love is more powerful than hate and violence. It always has been but now it is becoming ever more noticeable.

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