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The Light Collective: On Expansion

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Thank you Elizabeth! I would only change one thing in this- I feel we are not to *break* our bonds with planet Earth but strengthen them, becoming fully grounded, rooted and centered in our sekves as living joyful cells in the body of Gaia. As an energy sensitive myself I have found that greater rootedness, groundedness makes for better functioning and less “noise” such as physical discomfort, feeling crazy etc. We are naturally resonant with the frequency of the Mother Earth and grounding in her simply eases our experience and speeds our adaptation. It also allows us to mire quickly connect and share our frequency and growth with the rest of the human collective as we are all functional parts of Gaia in our current incarnations.

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The Light Collective:  On Expansion

via Eliza Ayres

The past two nights, I have been listening to a presentation on “Are you an Energy Sensitive?”  The answer to that question is, of course, yes, as it is for many star seeds.  Ultra-sensitive beings naturally make up about 20 per cent of the human population on the planet. Of that particular population group, star seeds probably make up about 1.5 percent.  And if you happen to extremely sensitive, you know from experience that your gifts have not been freely accepted or understood by many within your own family, your friends and especially not by those who call themselves the “experts” in any field, be it religion, medicine, banking, science, the military, retail or the government.  Indeed, most of us have been shut down by others or openly ignored when we have given forth our unique perspectives on what we were experiencing…

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