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Terrence McKenna: In order to get back in touch with Nature, “we must catalyze the human imagination to form symbiotic relationships with the plants.”

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Thank you for sharing this . I have always loved the McKenna brothers work and perspectives. I would say tho that much of what he recommends can be accomplished and accessed without chemical assistance. I only add this because after my initial introduction to McKenna’s writings almost 30 years ago I spent a decade cleaning up the psychological messes of western encultured beings who attempted to find their way chemically without personal guidance from truly experienced non-western guides. I don’t doubt it is possible to connect with beings at other levels who can help us clear the dross and return to our natural relationship enmeshed in the webs of nature on all levels. With or without chemicals, or guides-I only hope that people will listen to their inner guidance and follow the path that sings to you-not follow what anyone else did or does.

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