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Thank you for sharing this Laura. I had the same feeling about Ison.

Multidimensional Ocean

Received a message from Higher Self 2 days ago about comet ISON:
It is the blue sign in the skies that the American Indian prophecies speak of. Follow Drunvalo’s talks about it.
It is it! It is happening ladies and gentlement! it is happening as we speak!!
comment from Laura: I had no idea why I was suddenly being told bout it! when i have no interest about the whole controersy going on.. abd then.. today it made more news! 

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Cola’s Are Effective Pesticides — Why Indian States Are Banning Cola’s

Thank you! I so look forward to the global decolonization of food (and everything else:-)

Laura Bruno's Blog

I often forget that people still drink soda, but if you or someone you love does, this video is definitely worth a watch. The video focuses on demands for India to ban cola’s due to unsafe ingredients, including pesticides as high as 24 times the regulated amount. There’s also lots of information in this video about Aquafina and Dasani water — which is just tap water, “sometimes purified, sometimes not.” [Buy a Berkey and make your own bottled water. It tastes great and purifies even stream water, preserving minerals, removing the poisons.] This video doesn’t even get into the dangers of diet sodas, but if you’ve not read this piece on aspartame, you might want to click here for “Confessions of an Aspartame Addict.”

In addition to becoming savvy about cola, India has been very active as a country in pushing back against the GMO’s that have ruined their…

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Truthout Daily Digest November 29, 2013

Military Commissions Stuck on Torture

Adam Hudson, Truthout: From October 22 to 25, 2013, pretrial hearings for the five men accused of plotting the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people took place but made little progress as the issue of torture – and the protective order preventing its discussion – dominated the hearings.

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Labor As Seen from Down Under: Fair Wages and Decent Benefits Profit Everyone

Niall McLaren, Truthout: The idea that workers have to be beaten down at every turn just doesn’t add up, as the industrial experience Down Under shows us every day of the year.

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Memory and Repression in El Salvador

Alexandra McAnarney, Truthout: While many Latin American countries tell the stories of the victims of human rights violations perpetrated during the military regimes and dictatorships of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s through public trials and increased access to historical archives, in El Salvador, repression of alternative narratives intensifies.

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A Pope’s Pointed Message

Eugene Robinson, Washington Post Writers Group: In a stunning new treatise on the Catholic Church and its role in society, Pope Francis addresses the widening gap of inequality that capitalism is creating around the globe and charges Christians to be accountable for their own worship of the false idol better known as money.

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Israel-Palestine: Enough Negotiations Already!

Adil E. Shamoo, Foreign Policy in Focus: Palestinians should not lend their name to a charade of endless negotiations; Shamoo instead demands that they “let negotiations go, and find other means of achieving Palestinian rights and statehood.”

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Delicious Food Is Not An Indulgence—It’s a Way to Solve Our Ecological Crises

Frances Moore Lappe, Yes! Magazine: Over the past few decades, the slow food movement has flourished into an endless garden of possibilities. Now, food that is good for our bodies and the planet might also be the key to addressing climate change.

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Courageous Boeing Workers Say No to Corporate Extortion

Richard Kirsch, Next New Deal: By rejecting a contract that amounted to corporate extortion, the Machinists Local 751 at Boeing have taken a stand for middle-class workers all over the country.

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Struggles of Younger US Workers Ripple Through Economy

Kevin G. Hall, McClatchy Newspapers: Economists worry about the flagging household-formation rate as graduates, unable to find full-time work, continue to live with their parents for extended periods of time.

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Cop’s History an Issue in Toy-Gun Slaying

Dennis J. Bernstein, Consortium News: It has been discovered that a Sonoma County Deputy Sheriff, who shot and killed a popular Latino eighth-grader who was holding a toy gun, has a history of overreaction that dates back years as the incident has sparked a series of interviews with neighbors and community members who have all had negative interactions with the officer.

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The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

There Is No Thanksgiving for Violence, Poverty and Injustice

Read the Article at Buzzflash

Massive Black Friday Strike and Arrests Planned, as Workers Defy Walmart

Read the Article at Salon

Pope Francis Understands Economics Better than Most Politicians

Read the Article at The Raw Story

Deadline Looms on Undetectable Guns

Watch the Video at The Hill

Despite Filibuster Limits, a Door Remains Open to Block Judge Nominees

Read the Article at The New York Times

When a Government Knows More About Its Citizens Than They Do About the Government, It Is Tyranny

Read the Article at Buzzflash

An Army in Transition Awaits West Point Cadets as Wars End, Military Budgets Shrink

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The Oracle Report Friday, November 29, 2013



Balsamic Moon Phase: surrender, release, cleanse, purge, prepare Moon: Libra

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala, the Lotus Goddess, Goddess of Kundalini, Goddess of Assurance

AUDIO UPDATE 11/24/2013

Things are coming up from the core of who we are today. It’s a deep, elemental process of change.
Because we are shifting inside, the outer world follows suit and shifts as well. The bedrock of life is transforming into something new and stronger.

The intensity of the Scorpio lunar cycle wanes as the Balsamic Moon phase enters today. Balsamic Moon phase is the time of month to surrender and release all that has transpired over the last month, all that we do not want to carry with us into the Sagittarius lunar cycle, which begins December 2. Now is the time to cleanse and purge, preparing the field of consciousness for new energy to enter. We have much assistance to do this. Gaia-Sophia has a massive cleanup effort underway herself. She’s welling up and cleaning house.

Keep in mind today that interpersonal communications have strong potential to get aggressive. Road ragers are out, too. This is in response to the shifting that is happening with the return of the sacred masculine. People do not understand what is happening to them, and they are reacting unconsciously. They are holding on tightly. Values are conflicting as the old bedrock gives way to new. As the foundation of relationships and situations change, the idea is to welcome it because it is bringing balance. People, places, and situations that have not had their proper credit or due are coming into their own. This is sweet relief.

Wise owls trust and observe the process today. The rearrangement of elements ultimately makes for a richer experience of life. Give things space to shift – this includes space inside you and space for others. The time of change is upon the world. Let your core be transformed.


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Welcome to the eight Gathering around the Pond, Sunday December 1

Thank you Aisha!

aisha north

Dear friends!

We are approaching the final month in 2013, and all I can say is that never has time seemed to pass as quickly as it does now. How can it be almost a year since we were all eagerly awaiting 12.21.12, that fabled date in that fabled year, when we expected everything to change? Looking back, I do see so much that has changed, but as the CCs remind us again and again, nothing happens in the way and at the time you expect it to. A friend told me the other day that this year has been far more transformational in every way than 2012 was, and I have to agree with him. And you do not have to look further than to this Pond to see that. For this is the year that this Pond truly came into its own, when each and every one of…

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Blaming The Victims: Rape On Campus And Hook-Up Culture

Thank you for posting this. What an enormous collection of links and info! I believe that we can accept the concept of a culture based on domination, power over and control as promoting rape since such cultures as Jensrn shows ina A Language Older Than Words are designed to do so. Culture based in genocide, slavery and murder that values profit over people and values some people MORE than others almost guarantees that down-hierarchy violence such as rape and the violent murder of minorities quasi-legally.

At the same time it makes no sense to avoid giving clear information to young people out of fearof feeding such cultures. Indeed the down hierarchy violence does not depend on what we say to exist-it depends on the structure of society and THAT must be changed.

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The Light Collective: On Expansion

Thank you Elizabeth! I would only change one thing in this- I feel we are not to *break* our bonds with planet Earth but strengthen them, becoming fully grounded, rooted and centered in our sekves as living joyful cells in the body of Gaia. As an energy sensitive myself I have found that greater rootedness, groundedness makes for better functioning and less “noise” such as physical discomfort, feeling crazy etc. We are naturally resonant with the frequency of the Mother Earth and grounding in her simply eases our experience and speeds our adaptation. It also allows us to mire quickly connect and share our frequency and growth with the rest of the human collective as we are all functional parts of Gaia in our current incarnations.

Blue Dragon Journal

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The Light Collective:  On Expansion

via Eliza Ayres

The past two nights, I have been listening to a presentation on “Are you an Energy Sensitive?”  The answer to that question is, of course, yes, as it is for many star seeds.  Ultra-sensitive beings naturally make up about 20 per cent of the human population on the planet. Of that particular population group, star seeds probably make up about 1.5 percent.  And if you happen to extremely sensitive, you know from experience that your gifts have not been freely accepted or understood by many within your own family, your friends and especially not by those who call themselves the “experts” in any field, be it religion, medicine, banking, science, the military, retail or the government.  Indeed, most of us have been shut down by others or openly ignored when we have given forth our unique perspectives on what we were experiencing…

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