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North Point Astrology Journal December 2 to 8, 2013 Pam Younghans

rakesh rao southern lights antarctica rakesh rao 1385722050 lg

rakesh rao southern lights antarctica rakesh rao 1385722050 lg

Today’s photo: Aurora australis over Larsemann Hills, Antarctica (photo by Rakesh Rao, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

OUR NEW WEEK and our new month begin with a New MOON, at 4:22pmPST on Monday. This particular lunation feels like a bit of a relief to me, perhaps because it is the first one since our Full Moon on September 19 that does not include an eclipse as part of its lunar cycle.
And, our December New Moon is in Sagittarius, a fire sign known for it optimism, adventurous spirit and sense of humor — qualities we can all benefit from cultivating, especially given the intensity we’ve been through lately.
SAGITTARIUS is also the sign associated with our beliefs and belief systems, ideologies, life philosophies, religions, and understandings of life’s meanings. It makes sense, therefore, that the symbolic image associated with the 11th degree of Sagittarius (where the New Moon is located) brings forward themes of truth and perception:
“An explorer examines an archaic idol shaped like a crouching panther, set high above a village square. In the flickering light of a votive candle, its eyes appear alternately laughing and ominous.”
This visual image, from Martin Goldsmith’s book The Zodiac by Degrees, is accompanied by these descriptive phrases — which we can use to understand more fully the purposes of this week’s New Moon:
“Finding one’s own truths, apart from the idols of one’s culture; lynx-like acuity of perception; integrating human intelligence with the instinctive perceptions of the animal; studying human behavior, from the noblest to the most savage; looking at things playfully, from a variety of perspectives vs. becoming hypnotized by some negative thought form; distinguishing between true and false beliefs.”
ONE OF THE COMMON aftermaths of experiencing change and intense circumstances is a shift in life perspective. Something occurs or we make a choice that takes us into new territory, and we are altered. The change may be subtle or profound, but it requires an adjustment in how we perceive life from then on. No doubt many are going through this adjustment phase right now.
In that light, this symbolic interpretation of the New Moon energies feels very appropriate. As we adjust and resituate ourselves within our lives, we are compelled to rethink what we define as “truth” for ourselves, and what we truly believe in.
This New Moon may also provide a new starting point for those who wish to lighten up, to see life through a more positive lens, in spite of what the nightly news or those around us may focus upon. (My biased interpretation of the “news” that most often grabs the headlines is that it should more accurately be called “whatever will evoke the most fear, anxiety, and negative emotion in the most people.”)
MERCURY will assist with our positive-thinking goals, since this planet that represents our conscious minds will join the Sun in Sagittarius on Wednesday. Even the “hard” aspects to Mercury on Friday and Saturday (Neptune square and Jupiter sesquisquare) should be relatively gentle in nature. The primary caution with these aspects may be to double check our calculations and to rethink plans before putting them into action — a bit like a “mini” Mercury retrograde.
That being said, there are positive benefits of Friday’s Neptune-Mercury square. We can use this aspect to daydream or fantasize, or to access our own intuition or to meditate — as long as we don’t require our imaginings or insights to have practical application just yet. Remember that dreams — whether night dreams or day dreams — are often symbolic rather than literal.
MARS ENTERS LIBRA on Saturday, to begin its almost eight-month transit of the sign. Mars usually moves through each sign within about two months, but the red planet will be retrograde in Libra from March 1 to May 19, so will not move on to the next sign (Scorpio) until late July.
This will be an interesting transit. Mars can be a little uncomfortable in Libra, since the planet (named after the god of war) is about assertiveness and independent action, whereas the sign is about cooperation and working inter-dependently.
In the positive, we can use this Mars transit through Libra to find new avenues for creating peace and harmony in the world. We can also take action for greater equality and justice, and will most likely be more impatient than usual where the opposite is true.
At the same time, we will want to watch ourselves for ways in which we ignore or downplay our true needs and desires, simply because we don’t want to ruffle anyone’s feathers. If we take that non-assertive road too often, our leftover energy can come out passive-aggressively when we least expect it.
MY TELECLASS for the first six months of 2014 is now open for registration! I’ve entitled it “Surf’s Up! Riding the waves of the first six months of 2014” — for reasons that will become apparent once you read the description.
I’ll include more complete information about the event in future journals — but if you want to read more now (and sign up, of course), please read my blog post entitled “Surf’s Up! teleclass in January.”


NorthPoint Astrology Blog: To read my recent blog posting, “Surf’s Up! teleclass in January,” please visithttp://northpointastrology.blogspot.com/. I look forward to your comments!

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Dec 2: Emergency Day of Action – Solidarity for #Elsipogtog

Thank you for posting this! I had only seen the one event on Facebook. I hope everyone will pass this on, post and share widely even if you are not indigenous or an environmentalist. If you want to take the cabals power away stopping their land and resource grabs against indigenous peoples is a key point of weakness for them. Even if Keenan and company succeed in taking that funding source-their MAIN source of money and power has always been the land and resource extraction that has fueled them for centuries.

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Overcoming Resistance to a Healing Path

I love this post! Thank you for pointing this out.
Even when I was mired in depression and resistance to my own path thru the underworld of ever growing limiation and physical suffering I always tried to take whatever small actions I was able to in the moment to help others. I felt that even if I can’t do much, brightening someone’s day is usually accessible to do. Everyone you meet has their own struggle and difficulty. Spreading love and compassion elevates the world. The same goes for things like recycling, letting your yard be habitat for wild beings instead of a show of status-any action that nurtures and helps other living beings can uplift you and the world, no matter how “small” it may seem. Every choice is like the pebble hitting the pond that is the energy all around us. The ripples spread out to the ends of the Universe:-)

Laura Bruno's Blog

One more comment bump-up — this one regarding the frequent wave of resistance that seems to arrive when people begin stepping into their own healing power. This wave can manifest as physical symptoms, Shadow mirrors in relationships or seeming “Fate” that intervenes and sends people back to “feeling small.” It has many forms, and I hear about it sooo often when people are in process of shifting their own self-definitions and expanding their influence and responsibility. Here’s the comment I made in response to some of these concerns:

Thanks for sharing. Your experiences with resistance are all too common. Some of us need a metaphorical whack on the head, and others of us take that quite literally. 😉 I would say just start by focusing on the things that you CAN do without having a backlash. Maybe that’s just having an uplifting word or giving someone a compliment in line…

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Consolidation of Gaia Portals Comes, as Cosmic Light Alignments are Completed


gaia_energy1Consolidation of Gaia Portals comes, as Cosmic Light alignments are completed.

There becomes as one aligned Being, the combined efforts of all.

Portals have essentialized necessary requirements for humanity uprising.

Flash point of hu-manity non-aligneds approaches, and will be moderated as necessary by Light aligneds.

Fires of compassion for under hu-beings comes forth with near explosive force, as Cosmics impress upon Gaia whole.

Flowers of Light blossom into fullness of expression and acceptance by hu-beings.

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A short update on the eight Gathering around the Pond

Thank you Aisha! Looking forward to this afternoons gathering!

aisha north

As you have perhaps ascertained already, the incoming energies coinciding with this Gathering have already gathered a lot of momentum, and we do think you will all find a way to immerse yourself fully in them. They might be construed as rather forceful for some, but please remember that nothing that interacts with your physical body in this manner, hailing from Source, will be of harm to you in any way. You will at the most feel some at times rather intense physical discomfort, but that is only temporary, and will not set you back in any way as soon as the effects themselves fade from your body.

In other words, simply sit back and receive what is given, as it is indeed given from the purest of Source, and as such, it will only serve to elevate you further in this process of eliminating the old and freeing up…

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Ran Prieur, on the choice that many of us wrestle with: independence or community, rural or urban.

Thank you for posting this. I’ve been feeling stuck, disappointed that my physical limitations do not allow me to live independently off grid in wilderness. Even in a city as a housebound autistic I am pretty darn isolated. But I contribute where and how I can. After 2 decades of living close to downtown in an older but gentrifying (blargh!) neighborhood; the conclusion I have come to is that with so many people alive now there is simply no room to spread out into homesteads or wilderness living. In order to return to being functional parts of the larger systems to which we inherently belong, we need not to abandon our cities but transform them. Bring the farm and the wilderness in to the cities. Like Lothlorien of Tolkiens elves, we too could live in the midst of abundant, soul nurturing beauty. We can live with healthy food growing all around us, clean air, bird songs and wildlife habitat. It doesn’t take much but an attitude change and a few different choices.
Change the laws to encourage preservation if trees, installation of permaculture systems and wildlife habitat. Penalize the destruction of these things instead of financially rewarding it.
The research of Olmsted and others proved long ago that humans are healthier and happier with more trees, nature and quiet around them. Crime lessens, social relations improve. I can’t wait for the Keshe tech and similar to take off so we can mulch over and get rid of all this awful concrete and asphalt myself;-)

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Elsipogtog Emergency Solidarity  December 2, 2013

1460070 10151759571196080 376806074 n

1460070 10151759571196080 376806074 n

Victoria Public Library, 735 Broughton St

Tomorrow, 11:30am – 1:00pm in PST
Day of action In solidarity with Mik’maq people of Elsipogtog resisting fracking. Meet at 11:30 am at the Victoria Public Library downtown, march and demonstrate to stop the persecution of warriors and elders and all indigenous people fighting for their lands.

946049 10151710484376846 429729866 n

946049 10151710484376846 429729866 n

Here is the callout to Reclaim Turtle Island and #ShutDownCanada. http://reclaimturtleisland.com/2013…

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Through the Glass Darkly: Holler Sunset Tonite!

Thank you, Cindy, as always for sharing so much beauty to uplift our days!


The sunsets at The Holler can be remarkable! (Please click to enlarge for optimal viewing).


But I never thought of shooting the reflection off the windows.


And even through the windows.


Outside, looking in.

The effect seemed almost amplified.

The Holler, part of the sunset.


Of course the sunset, by itself requires no amplification!


Cheers to you and hope you take time to marvel at our setting sun!

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Messages from Ann and the Angels – 11/30/2013

header blue 600px news

header blue 600px news



It is spiritually powerful to give thanks for both the light and the dark in our lives because it has all helped us learn, grow, and become more fully who we truly are.

Photo taken in Sedona, AZ
©Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved
Visit Ann’s Photo Site for more


My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, whether you have recently celebrated the holiday or not, for in truth we give thanks for you every day of our eternal existence! You are all so very brave to incarnate upon your planet Earth, for Earth is one of the toughest schools in the universe – rich with both potential for understanding the diversity and beauty of God’s love in so many different forms, and yet also challenging beyond measure because of the very same.

You can find God more easily dear ones when you practice finding gratitude for all things, all beings, and indeed all situations in your life. You can experience love more easily if, for example, when you are presented with something less than loving you can say, “Thank you God for showing me ways in which I did not love myself in the past and thus drew this situation into my life! Now I choose love. Now I choose to walk away from painful experiences. Now I choose better. Bless the unevolved and unenlightened ones. Thank you for helping me grow into greater light.”

Can you be thankful for what is good in your life, even when some things are not there yet? Can you give thanks even for the trials, knowing you have learned? Can you look back upon everything in your life and find something to be thankful for? If you can, dear ones, you are embracing truth. You are embracing love. You are embracing the fact that the sun shines behind all clouds, and God’s love is ever-present guiding you in each moment to a kinder and more loving life.

Give thanks dear ones. Live in gratitude. Seek out the things you can be thankful for now. Every second that you focus upon love is an investment in a more beautiful and kind reality in your future!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.


Hi Everyone,

I exist in a state of gratitude. I get up thankful for a new day and go to bed grateful for my bed and blankets. I love the way the sunlight filters into the windows at different times of year, enjoy the sun, the rain, and everything in between. But when situations or people are challenging, that is where the angels have taught me to use free will to find something to be grateful for. It hasn’t always been easy. As humans many of us were conditioned to complain, to see the negative far too easily and to ignore the positive.A few years ago when I twisted my intestines and had to remain awake and upright for days at a time, with no sleep and no sitting or laying down, it was a challenge to be grateful. But honestly I was grateful for the fact that the angels had taught me about embracing the present or it would have been unbearable. When I was so tired that I fell asleep cooking the first meal I made after that ordeal, started a fire, and filled the house with smoke, I was grateful for both the fact that the angels woke me up and I stayed alive and the incredible job the insurance company did – restoring my house to better than it was before.When people have been unkind to me in unthinkable ways I can’t say I grateful in the moment, but I have learned to look back and see that I needed to learn to stop being a martyr, to embrace healthy boundaries, and to say “no” to those situations that robbed me of my God given joy and ability to focus on doing good in the world. Even those experiences I can now look back upon and give thanks for.There is great power in embracing gratitude, not only for what is easy and good, but also for that which has challenged us. We lose our “victim-hood” and embrace our “truth” when we find gratitude. We learn that although the path has been paved with both joys and pains, we have learned, grown, and embraced a kinder reality. The bumpy, rocky, rapids of our lives can give way to streams of grace when give thanks for it all.In the words of a Rascall Flatts song, that I absolute love (see video below):Every long lost dream led me to where you are.Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars,Pointing me on my way into your loving arms.This much I know is true.That God blessed the broken roadThat led me straight to you.”Gratitude is like turning the dial on the radio back to the station that broadcasts love into your life, and saying, “Yes indeed, Dear God, Bless the Broken Road that Led me Back to You!”Have a beautiful, grateful week!I am grateful for all of you!