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D L Zeta We are the Bridge between Two Merging Worlds December 8, 2013


We are the Bridge between Two Merging Worlds
Our movement into the new time has delivered us to a space between two worlds where we attempt to merge the world of our past and the world of our future through harmonic resonance. This resonance is created when we combine gratitude for all that has been with skillfully-programmed intentions designed to activate the future timelines where our highest visions reside.

Establishing Outposts in the New Time

This synergistic formula of profound appreciation for the life we have lived and conscious creation of a future beyond what we have imagined will allow us to establish new outposts in the expanding landscape of the new time.

We’re in a period of large-scale change as numerous energetic influences help us gain the traction we need to blend our past efforts toward healing and self-understanding with a future where our talents, skills and intentions merge with our highest potentials. This effort carries us further and faster than ever before.

We hold a space within ourselves where these two worlds blend and become one. We learn the mechanism for this blending by incubating it within our consciousness. By incubating the merging of past and future within, we learn the steps to serving as a bridge between the old and the new – a gift we will share with others and ultimately with the universe.

Souls are being activated in Service of the New Earth

Many souls came here for this purpose – to add their light to the effort to help construct the energetic framework for the transition to the new time. These souls are now being activated. It’s at the point of activation that their 3D worlds may start to unravel. Those who “signed on” to serve with this transition programmed change into their life hologram to allow them to awaken with divine timing to their higher purpose. It’s a gift to be called to serve. The path will be clearer once we embrace this. Every obstacle that stands in our way will dissolve as we take our place in service of this new and brighter light now shining on planet earth.

Programming Intentions toward Healing and Spiritual Freedom

Do not despair for what you are losing, or for the ones who are leaving your life. Mourn the loss of your old life as you breathe life into the new forms materializing before you. This is not to say there was anything “wrong” with the old way – it’s simply time to consciously move forward in a new way and with greater awareness of our intentions. Intentions programmed toward healing and spiritual freedom become the foundation of our transition. Efforts to heal our past are especially supported now, including time travel in consciousness to heal past selves still mired in trauma and to discover any remaining thought viruses that may be operating in our present moment.

Cultivating an Accelerated Path into the New Time

This quickening path into the new time requires plenty of breathing space between accelerations. We need healthy food, lots of rest, and time to meditate to allow these two worlds to seamlessly merge within us. Avoid heavy foods and upgrade your physical system with green juicing, green fasting, wheatgrass, blue green algae, and yoga; undertake a vision quest, meditate, spend time daily in nature, take sun baths, and exercise to invigorate your physical system. Journal to bring further insight and understanding to what is taking place within you. Make time for the creative play that is so essential to the growth of your spirit. Honor your time and energy; wherever you go, have a goal and purpose aligned with your spiritual mission.

As you continue to grow and expand your consciousness, you become a stronger bridge between two merging worlds. As you help unite these worlds, you facilitate the awakening of growing numbers of souls into the new time. Everything multiplies exponentially from this point forward, and your greatest satisfaction will be in seeing the world of your highest future unfold before you.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation
For more on accessing the fifth dimension, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

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These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link

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North Point Astrology Journal December 9 to 15, 2013 Pam Younghans


Today’s photo: Aurora borealis over Andøya Island, Norway on December 8, 2013 (photo by Frank Olsen, posted on SpaceWeather.com)

ASPECTS OF OPPORTUNITY are scattered throughout the coming week, amidst reminders of adjustments that must be made if we are to take full advantage of said opportunities.
The strongest aspect of the week, because it involves two of the slower-moving planets, is the Saturn-Jupiter trine. This aspect, exact on Thursday, is the congenial interaction of the planet of optimism (Jupiter) with the planet of realism (Saturn). When these two work in harmony together, there is support for making tangible progress in some area of our experience. That “area of experience” will vary for each of us, since it depends in part on where the two planets are transiting through our natal charts.
THIS IS THE SECOND of three trines that will occur between the two planets while Saturn is in Scorpio and Jupiter is in Cancer. The first trine was on July 17, and the third will be on May 24, 2014.
When an aspect occurs multiple times, we can consider the timeframe covered to represent the planetary themes in larger scale, rather than just affecting one or two weeks. Given that larger perspective, we can look back at events in July, consider they relate to now, and prepare for how this cycle may find its culmination in May of 2014.
AT THE TIME of the first trine in July, both Saturn and Jupiter were in forward motion. For this week’s trine, Jupiter is in retrograde (backward motion). Because of this, we will want to use this time to gain more insights about the progress we’ve made up to now, and want to make going forward. Questions we may ask include:
How do I need to adjust my trajectory to ensure greater emotional satisfaction in my life?
Are there other levels of personal truth I need to access with respect to my current projects? Am I missing anything that I will later wish I had paid attention to?
How can I think even bigger, believe in myself even more, and envision my ideals more fully?
How can I make myself even more available to the insights and guidance that support me, in physical and nonphysical ways?
If we focus on answering these questions now, our satisfaction with our progress next spring will be much enhanced.
OUR OTHER ASPECT of opportunity this week is exact on Tuesday, when Uranus trines Mercury. This is a shorter-lived influence, but worth paying attention to.
Uranus represents higher consciousness, while Mercury represents our logical, thinking mind. When these two planets work in harmony together, we want to be especially open to insights and ideas that seem to “come from nowhere” — those “aha” moments that can change our perspective in small or large ways.
I WAS LISTENING yesterday to Radiolab on National Public Radio, to a story about how the periodic table of elements was created. Evidently, Dmitri Mendeleev, the inventor, had been working for years exploring the elements and their qualities. He had even created his own deck of playing cards with each of the elements represented, and would play with them for hours in his spare time.
Then, one day, he had a magical dream, where he visualized the entire periodic table and how it should be organized — an organizational system that has proved to be incredible in its intricacy and the multiple ways that it provides information about the relationships between the elements.
HERE’S more of the story, as posted on the Dream Interpretation website:
“Dmitri Mendeleev was a Russian aristocrat and academic with a vested interest in the basic elements of the universe that combine in all manner of forms to make up physical matter.

“Mendeleev could not comprehend or explain the seemingly random properties of these building blocks. That is, until one day whilst vacationing with his family, when he took a nap.

“Mendeleev had been listening to his family struggle to play chamber music. He grew tired and, upon excusing himself, went to bed and drifted off to sleep listening to the music.

“Mendeleev dreamed a vision of the basic elements of the universe flowing together in a manner akin to the progression of a musical sequence; orderly and beautiful. He awoke and outlined from his dream every element in order.”
This magical story comes to mind as I consider the Uranus-Mercury trine on Tuesday. It is this type of aspect that encourages our ability to access solutions and ideas from our higher mind.
Happy dreams, everyone!


Surf’s Up!
Riding the waves of the first half of 2014

Teleclass with Astrologer Pam Younghans
and Wellness Educator Elsie Kerns

Thursday, January 9, 2014

4 to 5:30pm PST 5 to 6:30pm MST
6 to 7:30pm CST 7 to 8:30pm EST

Attend either by phone or online!
Your $25 registration fee includes an audio replay of the teleclass and a copy of the slideshow, so even if you cannot attend “live,” you will have access to the class content afterward.
To register, please visit http://astrology2014.eventbrite.com.
About the Class

We have a powerful SuperMoon on January 1 to start off our new calendar year. This New Moon is potent not only because of its proximity to Earth, but also because it sets off the energy of the Cardinal Grand Cross that we’ll be working with for much of 2014. This configuration involves Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, and Mars in Libra.
Since the new year begins in such dramatic fashion, it perhaps is not surprising to hear that the planetary influences during the first six months of 2014 will keep us on our toes! The image of a surfboarder is especially appropriate, given that we’ll continually need to adjust our center of gravity to stay in balance as we navigate the ongoing waves of energy and change. Knowing when the big waves are coming, and knowing when we will have calm seas, can help us prepare and ride the waves more effectively.
To learn more about the astrological influences in effect January through June, please join astrologer Pam Younghans and Wellness Educator Elsie Kerns for their 90-minute “Surf’s Up!” teleclass on Thursday, January 9.
We’ve known for a while that thePluto-Uranus square is inspiring major changes on global and personal levels. As we ride the waves of the first six months of 2014, we’ll have even more focused opportunities to take risks that help us break free from the limitations of the past.
Imagine how the surfer feels when successfully harnessing the energy of that ocean wave – the sense of empowerment (Pluto), liberation (Uranus), joy (Jupiter) and self-confidence (Mars). This is the reward for taking the risk and utilizing the necessary combination of courage, perfect timing, and trust. This is what we are aiming for!
Join us for an enlightening and informative look at the first half of 2014! Registration and more information at http://astrology2014.eventbrite.com.


NorthPoint Astrology Blog: Please visit http://northpointastrology.blogspot.com/during the week to check for new posts, or to read through past entries. I look forward to your comments!

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Hawk Headed Parrot!

Thank you again Cindy for brightening my day! What a gorgeous bird! I look forward to the day when humans return to living as functional parts of nature instead of being at war with Her. Then we will be able to regularly experience birds in the wild as equals instead of pets or fleeting glimpses thru the trees. One thing I love about your photography is the way your subjects are individuals with dignity. It is obvious that you see them as beings not things/objects and that makes the already beautiful colours and composition of each photo into something much more than it could be if the person behind the camera was less aware.

Cindy Knoke


(Please click to enlarge).
Isn’t this guy gorgeous? It took me awhile to find out what he was. Thank you google. The unique Hawk-headed Parrot is the only member of it’s own genus, Deroptyus. It has unusual elongated feathers on it’s neck that it can raise in a frill or fan when threatened. It is, for this reason, also sometimes referred to as a Fan-headed Parrot. You can see these long red and blue feathers in the shot below.


It is a fruitivore that lives in The Amazon Basin.

Reportedly, HH Parrots are prone to be stubborn, ill-tempered, and even aggressive at times as pets.


Maybe they prefer hanging out in the Amazon to being pets. Who can blame them? I’ve been to The Amazon, and if I were a parrot I would much rather be there than in a cage in someone’s house.


This guy wasn’t threatened or ill-tempered…

View original post 96 more words

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Fox Nation Readers React To Death Of Nelson Mandela With Racism, Death Wishes For Obama

Thank you for sharing this. It confuses me to see people in 2013 still stuck in such fear and hate based perspectives.
I know some less educated white people greatly fear tge demographic shift now going on that will make them the minority they have always been globally even here in the US. But it is unlikely that the rest if us are going to take up the colonizers tools and use them as they have been used against us. ( being mixed with lighter skin I’m kinda stuck in between on this having never seen myself as white but able to “pass” I trust that people for the most part just want fairness for all. People if ALL cultures, races, abilities, genders etc just want to LIVE without so much pointless unkindness and roadblocks in the way day to day. I don’t think many people have any interest in revenge or showing the pathetic white supremacist lot how it feels to live with arbitrary barriers to life every day. For most people life is about LOVE! It’s about family, friends, community and sharing. Holidays celebrating all the blessings we all share, taking joy in one anothers happiness-someone’s sister got married, someone else’s child got promoted in the military or accepted into college, another grandchild on the way! Who has time to hate someone you don’t even know for their skin-light or dark-or anything else?
I believe that as sad, pathetic and obnoxious as these people are, their hate is a small drop in a very big bucket that’s much more full of love. Those who do not heal and rejoin the human community will eventually die and take their misery and hate to the grave with them. The world will keep on growing and dancing in the love and beauty the rest of us can clearly see in one another no matter what shade of epidermis we sport.:-)

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Truthout Daily Digest December 7, 2013


The Buzzflash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Global Trade Deal Condemned by Anti-Poverty Groups

Read the Article at The Guardian

Little-Known Agency Proves That Some Bankers Aren’t Too Big to Jail

Read the Article at The Washington Post

Someone’s Been Siphoning Data Through a Huge Security Hole in the Internet

Read the Article at Wired

Raising the Minimum Wage to $10.10 Would Lift a Family of Three Above the Poverty Line

Read the Article at the Economic Policy Institute

Worst-Case Scenario for Oil Sands Industry Has Come to Life, Leaked Document Shows

Read the Article at Inside Climate News

Americans Locked Up Abroad: Who They Are, What They Did

Read the Article at The Daily Beast

Listen Up, Budget Cutters: Austerity Can Lead to Blood on the Streets, Even in America

Read the Article at AlterNet

Walmart Is Not the Bargain You Might Think

Maura Stephens, Truthout: People flock to Walmart for perceived bargains and convenience. Here are some facts that might keep them from adding their hard-earned cash to the profits of a company that’s squashing lives and worker rights worldwide.

Read the Article

Bankruptcy or Bunko? The Right’s War on Detroit’s Public Pensioners

Douglas Jamiel, Truthout: The purposeful, ideologically driven assault on democratic government orchestrated by ALEC and forces in Michigan’s Statehouse has starved already-ailing Detroit of revenues. Through the emergency financial manager, they will continue to redistribute public assets to corporate pockets.

Read the Article

“Do What Thou Wilt,” or Who Imagined Ted Cruz Into Existence?

Joseph Natoli, Truthout: The closer your political platform gets to allowing everyone to do as they want and at the same time pointing out and berating what’s interfering with this, the better your chances are to get elected to national office in the United States.

Read the Article

Vermont Approves Single-Payer Health Care: “Everybody In, Nobody Out”

Salvatore Aversa, Occupy Democrats: Vermont’s single-payer program will be fully operational by 2017, and will be funded through Medicare, Medicaid, federal money for the ACA given to Vermont and a slight increase in taxes.

Read the Article

The People’s Sanctions

Francis Njubi Nesbitt, Foreign Policy in Focus: How Nelson Mandela and ordinary citizens from all over the world strong-armed corporations, changed US foreign policy and ended apartheid in South Africa.

Read the Article

Want to Cut Food Stamp Spending? Raise the Minimum Wage

Dave Johnson, Campaign for America’s Future: Don’t cut social welfare programs for the people who need them – cut those people’s need for the programs by raising the minimum wage, argues Dave Johnson.

Read the Article

Operation Enduring Occupation

Staff, Socialist Worker: A proposed deal between the US and Afghanistan to “end” the war is occupation by another name: a continuing US military presence in the region to carry out the agenda of the American empire around the globe.

Read the Article

Congress’ Year-End List of Unfinished Business Likely to Remain Long

David Lightman, McClatchy Newspapers: This is a largely do-nothing Congress, so most of its tasks might go undone in these last days of the 2013 legislative session.

Read the Article

It’s the Hypocrisy, Stupid: Fundamentalist Christian Bullies Running Amok in America’s Military

Mikey Weinstein, AlterNet: We are seeing a cowardly swarm of smarmy, fundamentalist Christian organizations whining and screaming that it is now they who are the “real” victims of “Obama’s anti-Christian Defense Department.”

Read the Article

2013: The Year the Prison System Changed?

Staff, National Radio Project: Years of campaigning for basic human rights for people caught up in America’s criminal justice system may finally be paying off. 2013 saw significant changes from sentencing reform, to drug policy, to how people are treated behind bars.

Listen to the Radio Program

On the News With Thom Hartmann: The Fossil Fuel Industry Is Refusing to Accept Defeat in Colorado Fracking Bans, and More

In today‘s On the News segment: The Colorado Oil and Gas Association has filed a lawsuit in two cities claiming that voters violated a state law by banning fracking; workers and activists delivered a petition to the Massachusetts State House to put paid sick time before voters on the 2014 ballot; leaders around the world spoke of their admiration for Nelson Mandela’s life-long work as a political activist; and more.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

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Rendition of Cosmic Energies into Gaia Usable Form Currently at Maximum…

Thank you!


gaia_energy1Rendition of Cosmic Energies into Gaia usable form is currently at maximum allowable levels.

Streams of blue crystalline needle configureds are continuing dissolution of all unusable old paradigm concepts.

Higher movements of Gaia protectives continues unabated.

Incoming Cosmics are soon to assume primary function in the Gaia collective dimensional scheme.

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