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Fox Nation Readers React To Death Of Nelson Mandela With Racism, Death Wishes For Obama

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Thank you for sharing this. It confuses me to see people in 2013 still stuck in such fear and hate based perspectives.
I know some less educated white people greatly fear tge demographic shift now going on that will make them the minority they have always been globally even here in the US. But it is unlikely that the rest if us are going to take up the colonizers tools and use them as they have been used against us. ( being mixed with lighter skin I’m kinda stuck in between on this having never seen myself as white but able to “pass” I trust that people for the most part just want fairness for all. People if ALL cultures, races, abilities, genders etc just want to LIVE without so much pointless unkindness and roadblocks in the way day to day. I don’t think many people have any interest in revenge or showing the pathetic white supremacist lot how it feels to live with arbitrary barriers to life every day. For most people life is about LOVE! It’s about family, friends, community and sharing. Holidays celebrating all the blessings we all share, taking joy in one anothers happiness-someone’s sister got married, someone else’s child got promoted in the military or accepted into college, another grandchild on the way! Who has time to hate someone you don’t even know for their skin-light or dark-or anything else?
I believe that as sad, pathetic and obnoxious as these people are, their hate is a small drop in a very big bucket that’s much more full of love. Those who do not heal and rejoin the human community will eventually die and take their misery and hate to the grave with them. The world will keep on growing and dancing in the love and beauty the rest of us can clearly see in one another no matter what shade of epidermis we sport.:-)

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