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Do traditional farming techniques limit mass extinctions?

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Thank you for posting this! This is one of many spin off projects that arose out of Agenda21-specifically because the requirement in Agenda 21 of listening and giving weight to the voices of ALL stakeholders which the text if A21 very carefully spells out to include indigenous peoples. Despite all the Koch and oil baron funded “hair on fire” videos about tbe terror of Agenda21, if we look at the actual results like this; it is easy to see that a focus on sustainability with a requirement of listening to all stakeholders is actually a damn good plan. Certainly the power mad have got their hooks in it trying to corrupt and co-opt the thing for their own power grabbing purposes but they do that with everything. I hope people will recognize the value of those two key points plus the focus on local control and decision making and be sure to keep the baby and only toss the bathwater. Without sustainability such as this article discusses re indigenous land use, we won’t survive to argue about anything else. I am glad to see that despite the hair on fire crowd, the positive factions within the UN have continued to work around the power nuts and beauracrats to make good things happen.

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