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The greatness within

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Thank you Aisha! My Mom used to tell me if you haven’t been amazed at least once before breakfast you aren’t paying attention! We are surrounded by wonders and miracles all the time but we have been taught to take it all for granted and just skim the surface as we struggle to survive. As interesting as et’s will surely be, most in colonized society haven’t yet learned to communicate with our own bodies much less the myriad magical amazing living beings all around us-from lizards and dragonflies to great oaks, mountains and rivers. Madeleine L’engle wrote fiction books, one of which “A Wrinkle in Time” I think, or possibly “A Wind in the Door” that had a young boy who was ill because his mitochondria wouldn’t settle down. In the story he and his siblings end up dealing with both tesseracts and his mitochondria at a personal I-thou level.

aisha north

Dear friends! I have been guided to share this film with you, because it has given me a very different perspective on “the greatness within”. For this film shows the unbelievable complexity that is within just one single cell in our body, and when you think of the fact that every one of us are made up of billions of these diverse cells, all collaborating and communicating with each other, it makes you realize that this intelligence, this Creator that we are a part of, is capable of creating wonders that our human mind cannot even begin to understand.

Our human mind cannot even fully explain our DNA, for it contains such a vast collection of information. But what they have found, is that much of that information seems to be “dormant”, the scientists have even referred to it as “junk DNA”. Perhaps now is the time to wake up…

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