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Alldenale’s Return and the Event – Message channeled by Multidimensional Ocean -11 Dec.2013

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Thank you Laura and Allendale. I don’t know how or when the Event that so many are discussing will take place but I and others I’ve spoken with are feeling a rising energy of excitement that seems to be related to the upcoming alignment with the galactic central sun/core. Even though much in our world today is in distress and disarray, like all chaotic systems it can, and likely will, shift and recrystallize in a sudden and rapid fashion. As the frequency of the planet/solar system rises, and we keep experiencing incoming waves of higher energy, the likelihood of that rapid restructuring occurring at any given moment increases.
I am so grateful and glad to see you (Laura) back posting and channeling. Your messages, channeled or not, all have such a wonderful sparkling energy of love and joy within them. Even when you yourself are sad or stressed that energy is always accompanied by the irrepressible dancing energy that reminds me of The Rar from the Brian Froud Faery Oracle cards. 🙂

Multidimensional Ocean

kagaya_earthlight1Laura: Hi Allendale! It was nice hearing you and feeling your presence yesterday and again today! Thank you for dropping by and giving us some news! You were telling me about the upcoming Event in the kitchen yesterday. Would you like to give us some news about it maybe?
Allendale: Ai lassie! It is good to be back. I have returned to be part and to witness the last and final phase of the Ascension of this amazing planet of yours.
She has been caring for so many for so long, she went through pain and suffering through time, and now, she is in her most desperate hour seemingly, because of the constant threats to her life and to the lives that she carries with her.

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