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A Terrific Riff on the Reality(?) Surreality(?) of Holograms and Hell-O-Grams

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Having read Talbot as soon as it came out it did not occur to me until just now reading your post that the holographic structure of having the whole contained in each part could or would imply any sort of unreality or deception. Perhaps its my aspie brain but the concept seemed to fit quite elegantly within the rough framework quantum physics gives us of how things work. I’m still not sure I understand how it implies unreality or deception? A hologram for projection is only a metaphor at least as I understood it, for the concept. The functional meaning of each particle containing and reflecting the whole is in line with my animist understanding that all that is, is god. Faster than ligjt communicarion makes sense easily within that framework of all is one and any change to a part is immediately reflected in the whole. We are like the particles and waves simultaneously individual particles (ie people, ego consciousness) and the entirety of existence on all levels. Therefore we have the same structure or nature of a hologram since if you smash one each fragment will still project the entire image. Another reflection of this principle is DNA. Take one cell ala Jurassic Park and recreate the whole organism. Nature loves such elegance, She seems to use that design strategy over and over throughout everything we humans have yet discovered. I think humans copied the design to make holographic projections which is why they can be so effective but its use for such deception I don’t think means that the design itself is deception. Neither the individual nor the greater whole (ie God/ All That Is) are projecting illusions. They simply are-just like the particle-waves. Its imho only the grokking of it from a western cultural mindset that is complicated.

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