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Foster Gamble Q&A primer on Agenda 21: “Think Globally, Enslave Locally”

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Thank you for sharing this. I find the distortions of the actual text of Agenda21 fascinating as I do seeing who opposes it and how. Thos exposes Foster as an apple that has not fallen nearly as far from the tree as I had supposed. A21 is designed to be VOLUNTARY there are no enforcement provisions. It was created by small groups in 67 countries who met for several years to design it and obtain consensus as it was shared among all and refined. It was passed in 92 not begun-it began much earlier at least by 87 but I believe the germ of it was 84. It specifically requires participation and consensus of ALL stakeholders locally for all local decisions and specifically addressed the bogeyman fears he brings up of forced sterilization and removing people from wildlife corridors. The fact is inthe actual text of A21 the rights of women children and indigenous societies are all addressed as important. It peomotes education of and increased rights for women as ways to reduce populatoon and specifically at least in the draft form forbade forced sterilization. It also engages local groups increating wildlife corridors while maintaining human settlements. This was heavily discussed and debated in the indigenous rights area.
The corporate cabals set out to stop A21 as soon as it was created-tgey pushed for and got both the no enforcement and the 20 year pause before implementation to give them time to poison the well with propaganda as they ate still doing. If you read the text of A21, available free on UN website, the nonsense fear mongering is easily debunked. You can see the same methods of distortion and disinformation in his laughable critique of Transition which is absolutely a grass roots peoples movement. Anyone can lie and the gullible will believe but when the facts are readily available for inspection all it takes is to stop being gullible and do your own research in primary sources. For A21 that would be the full text of the document on UN site and for Transition Towns the Transition handbook and their own website are available as well as plenty of firsthand accounts from those of us involved.
Free energy is great and we’d all love to see it but until it is a functional reality common sense and practicality dictate that we make plans without it. Nothing in Transition Towns encourages hardship for anyone- uts about creatice community solutions that improve life for us all. While fascist elements may try to co-opt A21 the process of its creation was very rooted in real grassroots creative lical action and community consensus just like Transition.

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