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Hanging Out with the Hawks: Pt. II (of III) The Harris Hawks!

So beautiful! I love birds. It is amazing to me how majestic creatures like hawks will choose to work with plain old humans but so nice for us that they do.

Meet the Harris Hawks! Click to enlarge. Please stay tuned to my next post (pt. III and maybe IV) to watch all the hawks in flight, what a sight!
Here’s a sneak preview of them launching off! It was amazing to call them back to glove!

We flew two Harris Hawks who usually hunt cooperatively in groups of 2-6, enabling them to catch larger prey like jack-rabbits.

Harris Hawks are native to the southwestern United States, Chile and Argentina. The silver device you see on the hawks leg is a telemetric tracker in case the hawk were to get lost while flying.

They are a highly social bird and are frequently trained by falconers.
These hawks are working hawks who chase seagulls away from posh beachfront hotels in San Diego. Their presence alone is enough to scare the seagulls away.

We flew them, watched them search, and called them back…

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The Oracle Report Thursday, December 19, 2013


Full Moon Phase: illumination, fulfillment, realization, shadow, experiences

Moon: Cancer/Leo

Diamond Sky Dakinis Rule This Lunar Month, Not The Mahavidyas

AUDIO UPDATE 11/24/2013https://www.freeconferencing.com/playback.html?cid=conferences/-17-65-67-17-65-67116-17-65-67281390-17-65-6736-17-65-67-52-1022272250.mp3&e=1640926800000&cn=94-43-28-63

There is a great deal of complexity to the energy right now. It is helpful to know the prevailing patterns in order to navigate and stay centered, or even to re-imprint the energy toward what is life-affirming (the real mission).
The Moon is making its monthly conjunction with Jupiter and the Black Moon in Cancer today. Thus, themes related to support, appreciation, recognition, and dependence are present, and are in fact expanded to the extreme with the influence of Jupiter. This month’s transit of the Moon through Cancer is a particularly rough one because these issues can easily become entertwined with the monster of Christmas Consumerism, where love is horrifyingly equated with how much one spends or what one buys. It’s one of the ugliest of monsters created by the Archons. It takes a time of year that is supposed to stoke the inner fires and prompt us to share with others and perverts it into burdens, responsibility, and stress. This monster sucks the childlike wonderment out of the season. We can work to reinforce the natural balance of the energy by providing what we need for ourselves, recognizing our own amazingness as a child of Gaia-Sophia, and sincerely showing our appreciation (which always comes from the heart not the store). Don’t get lost in the abyss with the monster today. Find beauty in the natural world if you can’t find it in the simple blessings already present in your life.

Anger and impulsivity that can get down and dirty, swift changes, unexpected events, and reversals are due to Mars’ opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto. Tempers are mercurial and actions have deep consequences. This energetic is going to build as Mars comes into closer aspect with Uranus and Pluto. This energy is facilitating what I’ve been calling “the Return of the Kings” – the sacred masculine, which is a wonderful thing. But tomorrow and Saturday are traditional days when the Illuminati exploit the energy and push control. Masses are controlled.

As Venus prepares to turn retrograde, dramatic shifts in relationships are underway. Dramatic shifts by definition cause drama. It is best to take things slowly and carefully. The retrograde will last through January, so there is a lot more time for things to play out. Things will change a lot between now and then, so let things take their course.

We also remain in the Full Moon phase, the time when “the crazy” comes out. This Full Moon seems exceptionally beautiful to me. Try to get a look if conditions are favorable where you are.

In Harry Potter jargon, the “messenger owls” are flying through the air with flurries of letters. Messages are everywhere! The feedback from the Universe is immense and will be even stronger when we move to Disseminating Moon phase.

These are the main currents underpinning the energy. To remain centered and grounded (sane), we connect with nature. We also focus our minds on what is actually happening this month. Remember that the Sabian symbol for this lunar month is “a flag turning into an eagle that crows.” How do you see this happening for you and for all of us? One thing for sure: it’s life-affirming. We are participating in the balance and unification of feminine and masculine forces. As such, we become formidable. Warriors of the heart and mind not just welcome but relish the transformation process. It has been a long time coming.