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Amazing Orgone

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Thank you Laura for this wonderful information packed post! Being an Asperger I experience many of the effects you describe from electromagnetic pollution and I have since childhood. Living in the forest on an IP/organic small family farm I would become miserably ill every month on the drive into the city for groceries, but within a few hours of returning home I was back to normal.
Your comments about those thriving on the radiation touched me greatly as this ability was one thing I explained to my grownups when I was a small child – causing mostly amusemed disbelief except from my Mom who is very wise and open. I *knew* it could work that way. In the spirit of that paragraph I would like to let everyone know that if you or someone you know is in need of healing I have a practice of sending reiki “distance reiki” to those I encounter who are in need. Originally I just added people to my mental list but I am now making the physical list to hold while sending so if you would like to be added, or would like me to add someone you care for, please leave a comment on my blog. I do reiki for animals so please include them. Thank you again Laura for sharing so much truly inspiring and useful info all the time. I prayed for assistance staying positive even when my limits get overwhelming and your blog is one if the faeries and angels obvious answers to that prayer:-)

Laura Bruno's Blog

Anyone who’s heard of Wilhelm Reich has probably heard of “orgone” or “orgone energy.” I have always considered orgone synonymous with Reiki — literally “universal life force energy” — except that Reiki represents only the positive qualities of that energy, whereas Wilhelm Reich also found something that corresponded to its opposite. He called this energy DOR, “Deadly ORgone.” People who’ve studied Reich’s work refer to POR (Positive ORgone” energy) vs. DOR, and a major improvement over his “orgone accumulators” has included finding ways to transmute DOR into POR, rather than a device gathering massive amounts of toxic energy that needed disposal and could gravely injure the operator.

All of this might sound a bit woo-woo and paranoid, especially to people who’ve experienced the healing effects of Reiki. If universal life force energy heals, then does DOR even exist? And if so, what would it be? Well, scientists are finally catching…

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