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The Energy of Abundance and Prosperity

Thank you! This is an issue I have been personally working with of late. Having chosen voluntary poverty to avoid taking fr om others (ie live simply soothets may ssimply live) then becoming very seriously disabled and finding my choice dangerously unsustainable-and appearing in 3d as irreversible.
I prefer this idea of flow-thru to all as a natural process to the need for self denial out of respect for others!

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Assata Shakur iz Welcome Here

Thank you for posting this. I had no.idea they would keep up the farce of designating people terrorists whose only actual “crime” is “thoughtcrime” ala Orwell’s 1984. It is too bad that the people so afraid of totalitarian government as a future possibility (ie tea party etc) do not see it has already long been ongoing for many nonwhite people.
If the 1% hadnt spent centuries inculcating racism and still promoting it they would very likely already be fertilizer.
We need to stand in solidarity with one another as fighters for freedom and justice fot ALL people.
I read an almost impossible to find book about all the rock.musicians like Jimi Hendryx, Janis Joplin, Tupac Shakur and Michael Hutchence who had been murdered by the criminal syndicates (ie cabal, patriarchy, 1%, NWO, illuminati etc) that run the world because of their ability to inspire and influence the people. The book said Tupac was especially targeted because his family including Assata, his mother, were political activists involved with Black Panthers etc.

I hope people realize this stuff has been going on and start standing together to remake our world into one based in love and respect instead of greed and violence.

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Nova Gaia Energetics have “Taken Flight”

Thank you!


gaia_energy1Nova Gaia Energetics have “taken flight”, as former paradigm energy grids have closed, and necessary Nova Gaia portals have opened.

Energetics are now fully aligned with Ascendant Gaia.

Timelines are now integrated into a single stream, and all discrepancies healed.

Nova Gaia has been boarded, and Hue-manity has accepted fully invitation for the “Higher Ride”.

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The Oracle Report Saturday, December 21 – Sunday, December 22, 2013


Disseminating Moon Phase: sharing, demonstration, distribution

Moon: Leo/Virgo

Diamond Sky Dakinis Rule This Lunar Month, Not The Mahavidyas

With symphonic timing, we enter the Disseminating Moon phase Saturday, the same day Mercury, the Messenger, makes a conjunction with the Galactic Center. We are also in the time of year that is like a long Disseminating phase, so we have double-Disseminating energy. Messages, insight, information, and wisdomare in the air.
There are several things happening this weekend to intensify the energy. Picture these harmonics:

The Sun moves into Capricorn Saturday while Venus in Capricorn stations retrograde. Both planets are “activated” and compelled toward each other, creating a new dynamic. In the middle of those two, absorbing the wave that is drawing the Sun and Venus together, is Pluto. So the Sun, Venus, and Pluto are energetically engaged with each other. They are correcting value systems and relationships to be more in line with natural order of life (not the illusive order of life, which is dissolving).

Pluto, for his own part, is also heavily engaged with Mars and Uranus. This dynamic is producing deep, swift, unexpected, even radical changes. Many are responding to this with fear and anger.

Pluto is linking all of these planets together. The Sun, Venus, Mars, and Uranus are performing a symphony and Pluto is the Conductor – the maestro. Pluto is the Planet of Transformation.

Transformation is what is happening. Deep, profound, dramatic, erratic change is afoot.

If you knew you were undergoing an energetic shift at all levels of experience, down to the molecular and up to the galactic, what would you do? Would you try to interrupt or stop the process or would you let it unfold?

If we didn’t know what was actually happening, our emotions could drive a shutdown. But knowing that an alchemical process is taking place, we can step back. We can watch and listen. And we could do this with joy because we would know a divine process was underway.

Since we do know what is happening, we judge and feel the dynamics of these energies in a different way. We aren’t fearful of change because we know the changes are divinely supported and returning to balance. We know this is happening due to the unification of sacred masculine and feminine forces. Hark, the herald angels sing, glory to the return of the kings.

It’s alchemy, it’s magic, it’s astrology, it’s mathematics, it’s electromagnetics, and it’s harmonics. It’s all of these things and more.


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Harris Hawks in Flight: Pt. III of IV

More gorgeous hawks from the lens of Cindy!

Cindy Knoke


Please click to enlarge. Hawk landing!


Preparing to launch.


Launching. Note hawk in the back preparing to follow.

Another launch.




The joy of flight!




Responding to call and returning to glove.




Landing for Jim.


Coming home! Oh don’t you wish you could fly?

We are on the road now en route to a family mountain ski trip for the holidays. Today we found and got close to more wild red tails and a barn owl. Stay tuned for Pt. IV, the red tails flying close ……and maybe an owl or two!

Cheers to you from the road!

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