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James Gilliland ~ A New Age Denial and Death Sentence

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Thank you so much to Laura for posting this and James for writing it! I’ve been singing some variation of this tune for more than 30 years. I cannot figure out why anyone would incarnate into a physical world only to disrespect, disregard and utterly screw up that world? I love the way Oracle Report’s Laura calls “ascension”;”descension” to highlight what we are doing here in bringing more of our “higher self” and awareness into this world, into this physical incarnation in order to transform the evil, negative, harmful, suffering causing aspects of this world into the pure light and love that will be the “golden age”.
The more you grow and develop yourself the more apparent right action becomes as as crux point for this ongoing Shift.
We ate building the golden age piece by piece both internally and externally. Planting a tree is just as much magic as manifesting abundance in whatever form thru internal clearing and focus.
Often the hands on magic of healing an ecosystem, feeding the poor, rescuing tortured animals from factory farms, or occupying wall street can be even more miraculous and deeply amazing than any Samantha-nose-twitch “miracle”. Love is action from the heart-how can we pretend we are doing anything good by ignoring the suffering of living beings?

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Thanks to Mary for sending this my way. It goes right along with the series of posts here, here and here, along with many others. Wake up, get grounded, take action. Lather, rinse, repeat. As James says, “[D]rop the denial, the mind control, the spiritual ego and get busy we have a planet to turn around. It is time for right thinking, right action, right living, impeccable integrity and to stand in your own divinity leading yourself from your own heart and soul.”

A New Age Denial And Death Sentence
by James Gilliland

I wish I did not have to resort to writing such an article yet so many are becoming willing participants in their own, their families and friends demise. Yes this includes the demise of nature as well the very platform for life. Much of this stems from new age teachings which were generated from…

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