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Headlines of the day II: EconoPoliFukuFail

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Thank you for posting so much information every day. I am in awe of the research skills of the blogger eats shoots and leaves (as well as the sense of humour so obvious in that blog title! 🙂

I feel we need to be aware of what is going on but also aware that the negative outcomes are not set in stone by the facts.

We can affect the outcomes!

Peak oil and climate change are two heartening areas for us positive thinkers simply because so many viable solutions and creative responses already exist for both-and many like Transition Towns, reforesting initiatives and widespread permaculture implementation are already well underway.

Hiding from or cowering in fear of are not the only respondent the masses of unpleasant news and facts in our current world.

Think about it-we have already survived and navigated living in the most horrifyingly stupid, violent, backwards system (ie colonized society) for our entire lives.

We can do ANYTHING!

We did that-and most of us even managed to retain our basic moral fiber and essential love and compassion for all living beings within a culture rooted in a strongly amoral hierarchy maintained thru mind programming, violence and enforced poverty.

eats shoots 'n leaves

Another eventful day, but especially notable is a global alert that is, if anything optimistic, according to another petroleum geologist of our acquaintance. From The Guardian:

Former BP geologist: peak oil is here and it will ‘break economies’

Industry expert warns of grim future of ‘recession’ driven ‘resource wars’ at University College London lecture

A former British Petroleum (BP) geologist has warned that the age of cheap oil is long gone, bringing with it the danger of “continuous recession” and increased risk of conflict and hunger.

At a lecture on ‘Geohazards’ earlier this month as part of the postgraduate Natural Hazards for Insurers course at University College London (UCL), Dr. Richard G. Miller, who worked for BP from 1985 before retiring in 2008, said that official data from the International Energy Agency (IEA), US Energy Information Administration (EIA), International Monetary Fund (IMF), among other sources, showed that conventional oil…

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