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Magick Wands and the Flu

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The first time I tried to reblog this it would not work.

When someone sees the need to block us from sharing certain information I immediately feel that information must be important.

While I was born with disabilities and have been ill much of the time since childhood, I often wonder how much vaccines affected me.

I’m sure most people have heard both the for and against on vaccines and autism so I won’t belabor it.

One thing opened my eyes to the possibilities that vaccines are not as safe as we are told.

In 1993 after almost a decade of constant illness I had a long period of what we called remission. I was ecstatic to be able to DO things like everyone else. Skating, swimming, dancing-for the first 8 months 93 was an amazing year.

Then, entering university required a vaccine. I tried medical waiver but failed to get it approved despite previous serious reactions. So not wanting to forgo an education and my hopes of a non-cripple life and feeling so healthy I took it.

Directly after the shot I started to feel unwell; feverish, nauseated, muscle pains, rotten awful headache.
It only got worse til I was curled up on my boyfriend’s living room floor in so much pain I considered calling an ambulance (I grew up on a farm where machete wounds were considered no big deal and I once set and reset my own broken hand repeatedly because my only transportation was a bicycle in a town with rare curb cuts-so considering an ambulance for me is like 6 inches from death).

My “recovery” was so incremental and slow that I lost many classes the entire first 5 years at university and didn’t finish undergrad degree for almost a decade.

Perhaps my experience like so many others is “anecdotal” but that anecdote is my life now being somewhere different than it might have been had my fragile health not been shattered by a pointless requirement.

I highly doubt the student body was in dire danger of a measles mumps or rubella epidemic-even had I not already received ALL the required vaccines in early childhood. ( the documentation was too old / old style).

My suspicions grew when I discovered that homeopathic vaccines were the original method and are as effective tho not at all dangerous .

Other than purposefully making people sick why the hell require the preservative laden side effect rampant form when the other is easily done?

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Note: I tried to publish this with the original article title: “Pregnant Nurse Fired for Refusing Toxic Flu Shot,” but WordPress wouldn’t let me post it. Now, isn’t that special? Move along, folks, nothin’ to see here. We’ll see if this revised title and some alternate spelling make it past the online censors. In all seriousness, this increasing prospect of m@ndatory v@ccination is the primary reason I bought a magick wand and committed to learning magickal self-defense.

M@ndatory v@ccination is happening in hospitals around the country, as well as in preschools and day cares in NYC. In other school systems, students are vaccinated with the debilitating or killing Gardasil vaccine — without parental consent or knowledge! I realize that magick may seem like an irrational defense; however, at least it cannot be effectively banned or controlled, since most of it occurs through visualization, working with energies and the OtherRealm…

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