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‘Sticker Shock’ over Obamacare Bolsters Single-Payer Argument

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Thank you for posting this. I just read David Wilcock’s recent book The Synchronicity Key. He explained in the book that aside from oil the big industry owned and controlled by the cabal/illuminati/1% that has kept them in murder and central chemicals despite all the backroom deals meant to cut off their cash flow is big pharmaceutical and other huge health care corporations.
it looks a lot like Obama HAS been fighting them the whole time only it wasn’t the ways we expected.

Interestingly the same mega corporations that own big pharma also own big Ag. (ie Monsanto, GMOs etc) and most significant they also own the majority of the media.

I feel that as we retool our society and personal interactions toward love, compassion, support and care for one another and all living beings this will naturally starve the monsters of energy, money and support.

Much like when we feed the soil our plants grow strong and healthy and the weeds don’t proliferate as well.:-)

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New reporting by AP underscores systemic problems with healthcare system based on for-profit insurance model

– Jon Queally, staff writer

As the political uproar surrounding the Affordable Care Act has played out over recent months, one single fact remains: the private insurance model—on which the law widely known as Obamacare is based—is more complicated, more expensive, and provides less coverage than a simple, “everybody in/nobody out,” single-payer model that almost every other advanced country in the world enjoys.

And even within the debate about whether or not Obamacare is a “step forward” or a “step back” for healthcare delivery in the U.S., what’s become increasingly clear—as was predicted by progressive critics of the Obamacare model—is that though portions of the law undoubtedly improve the kinds of coverage that some people receive, others are still excluded from the system entirely and…

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One thought on “‘Sticker Shock’ over Obamacare Bolsters Single-Payer Argument

  1. It was my pleasure to do so 🙂
    Yes these monster corporations own Big Ag and Big Pharma . They are buying up seed companies and Organic food companies by the handful, They seek to control every aspect of our daily living. Thereby making sure that they not only control what is made available , but that they make all the profits there are to be had from that daily living. The way we receive medical care being only one of the steps necessary to control what goes into our bodies. Not to mention who receives and does not receive life saving procedures. At the discretion of laws and bylaws instituted within the one thousand and somewhat pages of this monstrosity they call the “Patient Protect and Affordable Care Act” also known as “Obamacare”.

    It concerns me that there are still so many who do not take this pattern for control and greed more seriously. After all it affects our children as well as ourselves. The genetic manipulation of our food as well as the poisonous adjuvants placed in our medicines are a real threat and yet are ignored by too many. I came across a report from The University of Washington research team. In this report they explain that they have discovered the hidden code which gives our DNA a double meaning. Something as yet unknown by doctors. The post can be read here .


    Thereby, making one wonder about all the assurances that have been given as to the safety of adjuvants in vaccines and the genetic modifications of our food. If they are unaware of the double meaning of our DNA, if they are unaware of the way that our DNA interprets these introduced and alien forms of protein. Then how can we be sure of what it is doing to our bodies, to our genes and ultimately to our health?

    The fate of our health and well being as well as our children’s is in the hands of people who have blindly forged forward and will most likely never admit wrongdoing for the damage they may have done in their rush to cash in. Sounds like the rush to enact Obamacare and the rash of problems and failures associated with pushing a product that just is not ready.

    Let us hope that more people continue to understand that the government is not looking out for our interest but rather the interests of the government and those who fund them AKA Corporations!

    Thank you for the re-blog 🙂

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