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Julie Miller – El Morya: Being Consciously Aware of Your Speech

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For an aspie this is a topic of perennial return but esp at this time of year I think it is important for all. I’ve been working lately to stay mindful of my words and stop speaking negatively.

I find that many of us have unconscious habits of speech such as gossip or complaining, commenting on others unpleasant behavior or putting ourselves down that are dragging down our frequency and our conversations.

I haven’t corrected my habits yet but I feel that being mindful consistently is a good start to the process of retraining. At the least being aware of just how pointless my words or actions are should create discomfort and aversion.

A great tool for improving communication skills is NVC ( nonviolent communication) you can find it explained in text and videos online, and also.in books often available at your local library.

Openhearted Rebellion

Being Consciously Aware of Your Speech

Received by Julie Miller, December 24, 2013

Your individual and unique power of speech is one of the most significant elements that distinguishes you from other species that you share your planet with.

The great use of this power provides you with opportunities to shine your qualities, thoughts, and feelings without being harmful to the ones you are expressing to.

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