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SaLuSa December 27,2013

SaLuSa 27 December 2013

Here you are at the end of yet another year that has been momentous in many ways. Time has continued to speed up, and a clear division can be seen to be taking place between the old and new. The dark Ones are not progressing as they would have wished, after feeling that they were on the verge of taking control of the world. They reckoned without the increasing amount of Light that has been grounded upon Earth. So much so, that almost unnoticed it has become the most powerful force for good. No longer can its progress be delayed, and it is destined to be the means of removing the dark Ones.

This cycle has completed its course and the Light is now the dominant force upon Earth. The apparent turmoil is but a sign of it restricting the ability of the dark Ones, to continue their onward march to world control. It was always planned this way so that no matter how much they extended their power over the people, they would never achieve complete control. The cycle has run its course and a new one has commenced that will bring complete peace and happiness to all souls. There is no longer a place for the dark Ones to wield their power over the Human Race.

As you stand fast and are not affected by the outside occurrences, so you empower the Light that grows ever stronger. Live in the Light, and you can live your life in a way that helps lift others up with you. The coming New Year will herald many changes that will send out a strong signal that the Light is bringing the New Age into being. 2014 will be the crossroads that allows rapid progress to be made, and signal the true commencement of the Age of Light. Each of you have been selected to be here for such an occasion and for many of you life will suddenly offer you the changes that you have been seeking. As Lightworkers you each have something to offer that will be utilised at the right time. So do not worry or feel that your contribution is little compared to others, as all are important to the whole.

You have all come a long way with your experiences and are greater for them than you were when you first started your journey. No experience is without value and there is no need to make comparisons with others, as you all have a unique individual life plan. No One is any greater or lesser than another soul. You are part of a great family that looks up to the Father/Mother God from whence you came. When you come together as One, there will no one soul considered better than another, as all tread the same path and are simply at different stages upon it.

When you can see yourself in others you will know that you are inexplicably linked and in reality are One. Yet even as you progress to this understanding, you will still remain an individual Light amongst all others. When you are referred to as “Gods” it is a state of Oneness that you experience when you return to the Godhead. For the want of a better expression it is your Home from whence you came, and when God desires to experience some more, all souls will be sent out again for that reason.

At this time you have difficulty in imagining or remembering your higher states of being, but soon you will be on the path to full recognition. It will happen by stages and first you will gain full consciousness. Of necessity you have lived out many lives in the lower vibrations with a limited consciousness. Your challenge has been to find your way back to God through your own experience, which is why each soul travels at its own speed and are on different paths. Remember also that for specific incarnations you are connected to certain energies that will enhance your opportunities to succeed.

As you become more at One with the Light, so you will become more awakened to the truth of your real selves. You are not your body and it only serves your needs whilst on Earth. Yes, you also have an etheric body that is refined to allow existence in the higher vibrations, yet you have much further to go. Eventually you will become a true Being of Light, but you can still create a “body” for yourself when the necessity arises. It is worth noting that when you do so to allow movement through the lower dimensions, it will be limiting in other ways.

Dear Ones throw off any feelings of tiredness or doubt, as the vibrations are increasing and you are being rejuvenated. Lift up out of doubt or disbelief and look straight ahead and walk in the Light. Leave your worries behind you and be assured that everything is in perfect order. It may be hard to do, but you must start unloading your “baggage” as you cannot take it with you into the higher realms. Think big and positive as you have done the hard work to have reached this point in your evolution. Also bear in mind that you have many souls with you on your journey, doing all they can to guide you onto a safe and rewarding path.

I am SaLuSa come again to reassure you that all is well and we are with you all of the way. Our Love and Blessings go with you.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey

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Focusing and clarification of all Gaia Higher Dimensional energetic constructs occurs at this moment

Thank you!


gaia_energy1Focusing and clarification of all Gaia Higher Dimensional energetic constructs occurs at this moment.

“Novelty” energy items are being discarded along with all grids which support such.

Authenticity is currently required for all new energetic and (so-called) Light Work.

Flash Points of understanding come for non-resisting Hue-Beings, as well as hu-beings.

The “Hue-Being / hu-being” designation is now fading rapidly.

Global Gaia awakening is near.

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Interview with Ancestral Pride: Indigenous Land Defenders

Thank you for posting this. For so many of us living on lands ceded, or in many more cases as where I live literally cleared of people thru murder and disease, we can only support those who still maintain the land.
It is my dream that we will all learn to do so-no matter what nation or ancestors we come from, and that eventually all the lands of Earth will return to the respectful loving management by people who are deeply connected to that land, one another and all living beings.
I know it seems absurd when we have such harsh struggle just to protect watersheds from fracking on unceded lands-which should never even be a possibility- but from our determination, dreams, prayers and actions come the better futures we hope for our children.

Unsettling America

Radio-BED sits down with Crow and Sacheen of Ancestral Pride for a necessary conversation on land defence, Idle No More, settler solidarity, nationhood and going home.

In this special report, Ancestral Pride schools listeners of all nations on the reality of the struggle for safety and self-determination and the importance of asserting and re-asserting Indigenous jurisdiction and authority over lands that have never been surrendered.


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I Hear Lake Water Lapping with Low Sounds by the Shores….

Thank you Cindy! You really captured the spirit of the place and of the water. Despite photos being visual only I can sense the drier air and coolness in contrast to the warm moist shore of the Bay near me.

For those trapped indoors, in cities, maybe even at work; photos that bring thru the spirit of nature can be a wonderful tool for meditation allowing us to escape the confines of our stressed minds and limited in locations.


I hear it in the deep heart’s core- William Butler Yeats

(Please click to enlarge).


We are spending the holidays with our family at pristine Lake Tahoe in Northern California.


Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America.


It is the second deepest lake in America, reaching depths of 1,645 feet.


It is known for it’s pristine clarity.


We are in a draught now in California, and although there is snow, there is not the typical 8 or so feet of it closing roads and making the lake almost inacessible.


The lake views in winter are particularly beautiful!

Perhaps the truth depends upon a walk around the lake- Wallace Stevens


Cheers to you from Lake Tahoe, the skiing/boarding is not optimal, but the lake is purely divine!

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Releasing the Need to Struggle

Thank you for posting this. I’m currently working thru this same issue in many ways tho for me rather than struggling for parental love support etc which was pretty consistent because despite having only one parent for most of my childhood that parent was a very grounded loving supportive person.

She had no control over a society rooted in patriarchy, genocide, violence, racism, sexism, ableism and whatever we should call the seemingly rampant and endless desire to murder and turn into profit every living thing on our planet.

From the racist/sexist/ableism soul crushing of day to day life in school and church to the heart shredding of daily seeing my beloved elemental, plant and animal friends dismembered enough masse (clear cuts tied with slaughterhouses and chicken trucks for ripping away any feeling of comfort in this form).
I came to feel that nothing I could do would make this world full of ravenous monsters safe and happy for me.
I set out to change it, to stop the daily tsunami of harm and suffering that seems to drive colonized culture and industrial society.

40years of struggling later I too am worn out and tho I do see signs of the changes I struggled for I too feel like struggling is no longer useful.

I know intellectually that I and all living beings deserve to live in a world rooted in love and compassion not hierarchy and violence but I’m pretty sure my emotional body/inner child who still endures the daily reminders from the power tools roaring their destruction across the city to the dryer sheets, smoke and other pollution causing me to gasp with asthma is not yet convinced.

So far I focus on gratitude and love for all the good, all the living beings still living for instance-guerrilla gardeners and all the permaculture groups and seeds yet to sprout.

Some moments it works, some moments struggle/fear etc gain the upper hand.

Eventually tho I will clear it out!

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James Gilliland Mexico Update


Mexico Update

Upon arriving in Mexico it seemed every night was a different experience. I have Sorcerers, discarnates, women with skull heads and a few reptilians visiting me. The strange this is some of the creepy ones are archetypes there to help people cross over in their passing and did not need healing. Have to suspend judgment on the skull ladies. I told them next time to throw some flesh on. Little humor there. On Christmas a group of us did a clearing in the middle of town. It seemed the town was in such a funk and so many people were depressed, locked into their process etc. This is a global event and each individual and town is processing this differently. The light workers especially are being called to duty.

After the healing last night there was a massive storm, constant lightning a major cleansing. I love when nature participates. The four elements in Yi Gong and merging with them in the practice does create a symbiotic relationship with nature as demonstrated at ECETI on a regular basis.

This morning the sun was shinning, everyone was out and about, business was up and it seemed a complete turn around. Cant complain about that now can we. Not taking credit or blame for this just observing the synchronicity. We all need to unite, band together and clear these energies. Remember it all begins in consciousness and a positive thought with intention can clear millions of negative thoughts. Lets all work together, drop the judgments and grudges and do what is right for humanity and the Earth. Be well

James Gilliland