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James Gilliland Mexico Update

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Mexico Update

Upon arriving in Mexico it seemed every night was a different experience. I have Sorcerers, discarnates, women with skull heads and a few reptilians visiting me. The strange this is some of the creepy ones are archetypes there to help people cross over in their passing and did not need healing. Have to suspend judgment on the skull ladies. I told them next time to throw some flesh on. Little humor there. On Christmas a group of us did a clearing in the middle of town. It seemed the town was in such a funk and so many people were depressed, locked into their process etc. This is a global event and each individual and town is processing this differently. The light workers especially are being called to duty.

After the healing last night there was a massive storm, constant lightning a major cleansing. I love when nature participates. The four elements in Yi Gong and merging with them in the practice does create a symbiotic relationship with nature as demonstrated at ECETI on a regular basis.

This morning the sun was shinning, everyone was out and about, business was up and it seemed a complete turn around. Cant complain about that now can we. Not taking credit or blame for this just observing the synchronicity. We all need to unite, band together and clear these energies. Remember it all begins in consciousness and a positive thought with intention can clear millions of negative thoughts. Lets all work together, drop the judgments and grudges and do what is right for humanity and the Earth. Be well

James Gilliland

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