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The Oracle Report Saturday, December 28 – Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saturday: Third Quarter Moon Phase: realign, revise, take responsibility: Moon in Scorpio

Sunday: Balsamic Moon Phase: release, clear, compassion: Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius

Diamond Sky Dakinis Rule This Lunar Month, Not The Mahavidyas

Fortune continues to shine on us this weekend through enhanced energy for messages, information, and guidance. This is highlighted both days.

Saturday’s energy is best navigated with the attitude of counting our blessings. The energy is slower and asks us to take time to see the good things that we have in our lives. What we view as blessings are directly parallel to what we truly value, and our values are under reconstruction while Venus is retrograde. When we are in the midst of great change, great transformation, what is truly most valuable to us serves us like a stalwart lighthouse. Lighthouses remain grounded under the harshest battering of the elements. In every case, fall back on what you know is of foundational value. Saturday is the last day of the Third Quarter Moon phase, so it is technically the last day of this lunar month. We determine what we do not want to carry with us into the next lunar month.

Sunday ushers in the Balsamic Moon phase, the phase when the veils between the worlds is thinnest. Like the mythical realm of the fairies, it exists outside of ordinary time. It isn’t exactly part of the passing lunar month, but it also does not quite belong with the upcoming lunar month. It’s the “between time.” Balsamic phases are “ruled” by the latter half of Aquarius and all of Pisces, thus it is highly suggestible, creative, and innovative energy. It is a time of high magic because whatever is inserted into or molded from the energy at Balsamic prepares the field (stacks the deck) for the future – specifically the next lunar month or even longer if someone is working with bigger cycles of time. During Balsamic, the mindsets we hold, the thoughts we think, the feelings we feel, the activities we perform, etc., infuse the future.

The astrological aspects that are already in place and building toward Wednesday’s New Moon in Capricorn provide an opportunity that forces aligned with power and control will find unable to resist. The success of their efforts remains to be seen. Certainly their ability to impact has weakened considerably since Shodashi’s Wave in October (see the Archives). There have been multiple windows of opportunity for them since Shodashi’s Wave, opportunities that they have historically acted upon. Anything they have tried has fizzled out before it could begin.

But the energetic aspects between the New Moon, Pluto, Mars, and Uranus make this opportunity a little different. This opportunity is not only based in Capricorn energy – Capricorn ruled by the Archon homebase Saturn – but it is also highly masculine energy. The negative form of hypermasculinity is embedded in the energy. It’s laden with aggression, dominance, surprise attack, and conflict.

The key here is the sacred masculine’s response. This is the first time we have massive masculine astrological aspects since the full return of the energy of the sacred masculine.

The sacred masculine responds by protecting all that is held by the sacred feminine. It defends but it also disables any incoming danger. It is wise in that it understands potential threat. Such a threat exists between now and Thursday, January 2, 2014.

All of the wise owls here are warriors of the heart. We uphold the freedom and beauty of the human mind and we aim towards the love of life. Follow along the course of your life this weekend, ever-vigilent and attuned to message and insight from divine sources, but do so in “ready warrior” stance. Be prepared to engage – to hold the values of love, freedom, and the sanctity of nature – if “negative” events unfold. We don’t wait for anything to happen or project it (because we are actively engaged in changing the imprint of the energy and we know that the Archons and their Illuminati magicians have been dealt a serious blow to their power by our mistress Gaia-Sophia and her emissaries) but we are not surprised if something does happen. It is wise to be aware.

Let’s find our blessings and find some beauty and if you are able to snap a picture of such a thing, please feel free to share it on the Oracle Report Facebook community or email it to me atlaura.


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A short update on the energies

Thank you Aisha!

aisha north

As the days start to almost imperceptibly lengthen at your end of the globe, you will also feel a slight shift in the atmosphere as the energies start to prepare you all for the end of this year and the beginning of the new. As always, you will have a short breather here and there, and we think you will all find some time to sit back and slowly start to ease yourself into the brand new waters that beckon you already. For even if your calendar still shows the number 2013, the energies themselves have already start to shift into the new, and as such, you will all be able to take a small sip of them if you manage to still yourself sufficiently to try.

We know that this may seem to be difficult for many, as you have already been surrounded by quite a lot of noise…

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Like Etheric Tectonic Plate Thrust

Thank you Denise! This is about the 8th time I am trying to reblog this-and the text I wrote to add my perspective has disappeared even from where I saved it so apologies to all for the lateness-whatever is preventing me reblogging only certain posts since early Friday morning also refuses to allow me to share Aisha North for Friday as well so do check get page directly if you missed it.
If you are experiencing new strange effects sights, sounds, occurrences out of the norm click thru and read all of Denise’s post-you are not alone!

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Indigenous Roots Appreciated and Preserved in Bolivia

Thank you! !! I love this post. Evolution Morales and the courageous people of Bolivia have been at the very point of the spear of resistance to the globalised fascism that has threatened to destroy not just indigenous but ALL people and other living beings on Earth. I am in awe of their strength, determination and courage in spite of great personal hardship individually and collectively.

Someday I hope my country will follow in their path.

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Biospherics: What Nature Does for Us, Part II | Reality Sandwich

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A Great Torrent of Joy on its way to you for the coming year – Message from Allendale and SaLuSa 27 Dec. 2013

Thank you Laura! Someone has needed to point this out for so long. My intuition has pushed me to recognize whether I like it or not that radiating love, peace and joy in spite of my own difficulties is part of what is needed.

Of course once this ability is gained it leads to ability to change my own situation for the better, more and more.

Team Dark thinks they can derail ascension by getting us to give up from all our own hardships. By causing more suffering right when we believe it should have ended they think we will give up in despair.

That makes.me more determined to overcome and maintain my inner joy and love. I’m not always successful in this yet but I believe I will be by focusing on love-on all that I love, all that loves me, even focus more on love for those who are suffering instead of on worry or fear about the suffering.

We can create security and abundance thru intentional systems such as Transition Towns, permaculture, freecycle, local exchange currency systems and so many similar things to meet our needs when the hierarchy of greed system continues to fail us.

We never needed to wait for anyone to rescue us, we are capable of not only helping ourselves but more importantly of helping one another, of recreating the community spirit that industrialization tried to erase.

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas/Solstice and will have a joyous and abundant new year!

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Operation Ghetto Storm: 2012 Annual Report on the Extrajudicial Killing of 313 Black People by Police, Security Guards and Vigilantes

Thank you for posting this. I don’t think most American citizens realize just how utterly violent the structure that maintains their status quo really is-and has to be because hierarchy by it’s nature requires violence to maintain.

I have been called both too radical and reformist but I
think I am more “all that and the kitchen sink too”. I believe that to fix the problems we need to change people, ourselves, our families and communities from the inside.

You can’t turn a nuclear bomb into a toaster- at least
not without melting the metal and even then who the
hell wants radioactive toast?!?

But I promote All positive change because every improvement on any level that helps alleviate
suffering is worth it.

As we all continue to connect to one another and all
living beings we will naturally develop better ways to accomplish things.

I believe that the revolution and destruction of the
violence based top down hierarchy that is
colonization, globalization, fascism-the “modern,
civilized way of life” will come from our hearts and be
for the most part non-violent.

But I also believe it will come about much faster than anyone suspects. Just like India with Ghandi, and
the fall of the Berlin wall, the Arab Spring and so many other unexpected shifts-except that this will be
deeper and more widespread.

MLK once said “Hate cannot drive out hate. Only
Love can do that.”

Love is the most powerful thing in the world. So I
share this not to drive anger at those who create or continue hierarchy and oppression, but to encourage
awareness. And to encourage everyone to focus
more on our LOVE for our communities, families,
friends, children and even those we have never met.

I think more about those who loved Trayvon and all
like him pointlessly murdered and all those still living
who need not share such a fate if only we can heal
our circle and make it whole again.

The anger comes naturally we don’t need to
encourage it. But it has to drive something stronger
and deeper if we want to create real change.

When I was young I was overcome by the anger and
could not understand when my elders told me much
of what I just wrote here.

Over time I have come to that understanding thru
much resistance and struggle. I respect those who
disagree and wish no offense to any by sharing this
but I could not share the facts without sharing also
what I have learned.

I feel no one will need create more violence to counter the violence discussed in this article. Not
only because as Audre Lourde told us so long ago
“You cannot tear down the Master’s house using the
Master’s tools. ” but because Creator and Gaia are
very likely giving us the hard push toward growing up

When humans are forced to struggle just to survive they can choose two paths. One is the hierarchy
violence one we are on that is obviously destined to
fail. Those who continue to choose this path will
receive what are now known as “Darwin Awards”
they will weed their inferior genes out if the gene pool
for us.

Those who survive the next century will be those who recall the oldest teachings and return to living with
respect for all living beings. Who live from love and
act with a little magic called altruism which is what
actually allowed this species to survive the normally
harsher climate of Earth and proliferate.

I believe that in most communities, indigenous, settler, African, mixed the strongest thread in our
tapestry is love and respect. It is what makes us who
we truly are. Those who act from hate, fear, greed
etc are aberrations.

Colonization is a sickness caused by the aberrant taking over. It is time to heal.

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The return of Idle No More ‘flash mobs’… to the shopping malls

Thank you for posting this, and for your earlier info on the same topic. I attempted to support INMATES from a distance as soon as I heard of it because I thought it WAS supporting the anti fracking and sovereign land defenders.

I am disappointed but grateful to lose my illusions. I made myself rather ill.putting on a solidarity action in my downtown which is a tourist area when INM started. It turned out to be futile as no one showed up and the few tourists who actually spoke with me after seeing my banner had little idea or interest in what I was telling them. One girl.in a wheelchair (who should have stayed in bed) was even less use than a silly flash mob:-/

But now at least I know what I should have figured out then-social.media is a great tool and support for well.designed activism. It can be a useful part of smart strategy but hype is hype no matter what topic or group it is related to:-(