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Change IS coming. WE can make it GOOD.

A Great Torrent of Joy on its way to you for the coming year – Message from Allendale and SaLuSa 27 Dec. 2013

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Thank you Laura! Someone has needed to point this out for so long. My intuition has pushed me to recognize whether I like it or not that radiating love, peace and joy in spite of my own difficulties is part of what is needed.

Of course once this ability is gained it leads to ability to change my own situation for the better, more and more.

Team Dark thinks they can derail ascension by getting us to give up from all our own hardships. By causing more suffering right when we believe it should have ended they think we will give up in despair.

That makes.me more determined to overcome and maintain my inner joy and love. I’m not always successful in this yet but I believe I will be by focusing on love-on all that I love, all that loves me, even focus more on love for those who are suffering instead of on worry or fear about the suffering.

We can create security and abundance thru intentional systems such as Transition Towns, permaculture, freecycle, local exchange currency systems and so many similar things to meet our needs when the hierarchy of greed system continues to fail us.

We never needed to wait for anyone to rescue us, we are capable of not only helping ourselves but more importantly of helping one another, of recreating the community spirit that industrialization tried to erase.

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas/Solstice and will have a joyous and abundant new year!

Author: ohnwentsya

Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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