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The return of Idle No More ‘flash mobs’… to the shopping malls

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Thank you for posting this, and for your earlier info on the same topic. I attempted to support INMATES from a distance as soon as I heard of it because I thought it WAS supporting the anti fracking and sovereign land defenders.

I am disappointed but grateful to lose my illusions. I made myself rather ill.putting on a solidarity action in my downtown which is a tourist area when INM started. It turned out to be futile as no one showed up and the few tourists who actually spoke with me after seeing my banner had little idea or interest in what I was telling them. One girl.in a wheelchair (who should have stayed in bed) was even less use than a silly flash mob:-/

But now at least I know what I should have figured out then-social.media is a great tool and support for well.designed activism. It can be a useful part of smart strategy but hype is hype no matter what topic or group it is related to:-(

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