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North Point Astrology Journal December 30, 2013 to January 5, 2014 Pam Younghans

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Today’s photo: “The New Moon in the Old Moon’s Arms” (NASA photo)
NEW WEEK, New Year, New Moon — the message is pretty clear! It’s time to let go of the past and allow the ongoing energy shifts to move us into new levels of understanding and fulfillment.

Yesterday, as I started working on the slideshow for our “Surf’s Up!” teleclass on January 9 (see announcement below), I was at first a bit overwhelmed by the the sheer quantity of energy waves that seem to be in store for us in the first half of 2014.

But after a good night’s sleep, a powerful meditation, and an early morning run through a light mist, I’m feeling quite excited about the potentials that lie before us!

AS IF not wanting to waste any time, those potentials start this very week, even before we see the calendar change years. The influence of the Cardinal Grand Cross, which will be working with us through much of 2014, gets a jump-start on things with Tuesday’s Pluto-Mars square.
Pluto and Mars can be pretty effective when it comes to unsticking “stuck energy.”

We can utilize this to our advantage on New Year’s Eve day to set intentions for aligning with our more empowered Self, and being willing to leave behind the outworn, no-longer-working self concepts that manifest through blame and shame.
THEN, on New Year’s Day, the New Moon provides the energy of initiation. This is a “Super Moon,” which means that the Moon is closer to the Earth than usual, and so has larger effect on the ocean tides and our own emotional bodies.

More importantly in the long-term view of our reality, this New Moon is aligned with Pluto, Mercury, and the Sun. All four of those planetary bodies are then square Mars, square Uranus, and opposite Jupiter.

In other words, all participants in our Cardinal Grand Cross are activated this week. And, their energies are woven into the effects of this powerful New Moon, and into this entire lunar cycle, especially the next two weeks leading up to the Full Moon on January 15.

Our first wave. Surfboards ready?

KEEPING OUR FOCUS is vital when we are aware of a wave building. That focus must be both outward, keeping our board steady and ready, and inward, so that we are in touch with our inner knowing.

This inner knowing will guide us as to the perfect timing — when to start paddling, when to bring our feet beneath us to stand, and when (and how) to adjust our weight to stay in balance throughout the ride.

The enigmatic Sabian symbol for the position of the New Moon is “A large group of pheasants on a private estate.” Thankfully, the further explanation sheds light on the meaning of this symbol:
“The refinement of values by means of which we participate in the evolution of life toward ever more perfect forms of existence … cooperating with nature in creating beauty and elegance by capitalizing on skill and opportunity.”

ALTHOUGH I have a hard time relating to the pheasant image, I feel resonance with the idea that the intentions of this New Moon involve “refinement” and “evolution of life toward ever more perfect forms.” These words speak especially to Pluto’s influence.

Pluto first makes us aware of where we have been leaking energy as we’ve given others power over us and our well-being. This evidence can manifest in the form of power struggles, where we are caught in the game of trying to manipulate situations or other people in an effort to avoid feeling manipulated or controlled.

During a first encounter with Pluto’s effects, we can feel disempowered, and feel that we have little or no control over some aspect of our life experience.

AS WE CONSIDER these possible manifestations, it may seem odd that Pluto’s ultimate purpose is for us to feel more empowered and on purpose. That end result is available to us when we realize how powerful we really are, that no one else can control how we feel.

Once we realize how much energy we’ve been leaking through giving away our well-being to another person or a situation, we have a choice. Our next step is to redirect the energy we’ve been leaking through our reactions to what is going on around us. We can choose instead to focus that energy in the direction of our own well-being and ultimate purpose.

This is the depth of transformation that Pluto intends, especially when working with one of our natal planets by transit. Our experience of Pluto often takes us through a cleansing process on our way to rebirth.

We can feel like the fires of purification are intense — but like the phoenix, we are destined to arise from the ashes.

CLEARLY, this is a very important week — and year — for all of us, for so many planets to have agreed to link their energies for this New Moon, on this New Year’s Day!
And, while Pluto may be the planet that draws our attention this morning, it is just one of the four involved in our Cardinal Grand Cross.

More to come in the weeks ahead — and I hope you can join us for the “Surf’s Up!” teleclass on January 9! If you are interested, please read on to learn more, or just go to http://astrology2014.eventbrite.com to register.

Surf’s Up!
Riding the waves of the first half of 2014

Teleclass with Astrologer Pam Younghans
and Wellness Educator Elsie Kerns

Thursday, January 9, 2014

4 to 5:30pm PST 5 to 6:30pm MST
6 to 7:30pm CST 7 to 8:30pm EST

Attend either by phone or online!
Your $25 registration fee includes an audio replay of the teleclass and a copy of the slideshow, so even if you cannot attend “live,” you will have access to the class content afterward.
To register, please visit http://astrology2014.eventbrite.com.
About the Class

We have a powerful SuperMoon on January 1to start off our new calendar year. This New Moon is potent not only because of its proximity to Earth, but also because it sets off the energy of the Cardinal Grand Cross that we’ll be working with for much of 2014. This configuration involves Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, and Mars in Libra.
Since the new year begins in such dramatic fashion, it perhaps is not surprising to hear that the planetary influences during the first six months of 2014 will keep us on our toes! The image of a surfboarder is especially appropriate, given that we’ll continually need to adjust our center of gravity to stay in balance as we navigate the ongoing waves of energy and change. Knowing when the big waves are coming, and knowing when we will have calm seas, can help us prepare and ride the waves more effectively.
Imagine how the surfer feels when successfully harnessing the energy of that ocean wave – the sense of empowerment (Pluto), liberation (Uranus), joy (Jupiter) and self-confidence (Mars). This is the reward for taking the risk and utilizing the necessary combination of courage, perfect timing, and trust. This is what we are aiming for!
Join us for an enlightening and informative look at the first half of 2014! Registration and more information at http://astrology2014.eventbrite.com.



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