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Homeless people as Yakuza gangsters’ nuclear cannon fodder in Fukushima

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Thank you for posting this. I hope everyone will read and share this. Corporations are not gods. They do not own us. Why then do they continually act as tho they are and do?
We need international solidarity to stop international corruption.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This is a music video from Japan, with English subtitles. Its lyrics are against TEPCO, owners of the Fukushima disaster nuclear plant.

The video says about itself:

27 Sep 2011

The title of the song in Japanese is a play on words. It basically means “Let’s go work for TEPCO“, the company whose nuclear reactors blew up after the earthquake in Japan on March 11th 2011. It can also mean “Overthrow TEPCO and decommission the reactor”. Over 6 months has passed since the disaster, but the company is still trying to hide its secrets. The government is too weak to nationalize TEPCO or let it fall into bankruptcy.

TEPCO is supported by the major banks, insurance companies and industrial companies of Japan. Particularly Toshiba which owns Westinghouse, Hitachi which owns General Electric, and Mitsubishi. Hitachi and Mitsubishi recently merged their nuclear businesses together. These are…

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